Does the mini tummy tuck include muscle repair?

Or is it optional? I might need the muscle repair, too, but I'm not sure what a muscle separation looks like. I know I should see the doctor to have a proper evaluation of the situation, but... like most people do, I try to find this information online first (thank God I have this option).


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I had a mini tummy tuck, and it included muscle repair to my lower abdomen. I had a lot of weight loss recently, but I couldn't seem to get those saggy muscles firm before the surgery. My surgeon tightened my lower abdominal muscles, removed excess skin and completed liposuction to contour my waist and remove a pocket of unwanted belly fat. You may need a full tummy tuck if you have upper stretched or weakened abdominal muscles. If your weak muscles, stretch marks, saggy skin and fat are isolated in your lower abdomen, a mini tummy tuck combined with muscle repair and liposuction can provide you with surprising results.

The best way to find out if a mini tuck is right for you is to see a board certified plastic surgeon who is qualified and experienced in providing tummy tucks. Ask your surgeon to show you before and after photos from previous patients who were suffering from lax lower abdominal muscles and excess lower belly fat. You should also ask about payment plan options because most surgeons offer affordable payments.

I had some loose skin and excess fat below my belly button that I wanted to get rid. I also wanted to acquire tight abdominal skin. While a mini tummy tuck would easily fix the loose skin, I was wondering if I could have the separation of my muscles repaired. I was told that a mini tummy tuck procedure, in most situations, would only address the skin below my belly button. In most instances of a mini tummy tuck, muscle repair in the upper abdomen is not included. So, my doctor suggested that if I wanted to have all my muscles repaired, I would be a good candidate to undergo full tummy tuck surgery.

The mini tummy tuck can aid in muscle repair. I had a mini tummy tuck done to improve my abdominal wall muscles. My muscles weren't functioning correctly and they were out of position, as a result of my pregnancy. The tummy tuck also removed excess skin from my lower abdominal area and cleaned up my C-section scar. I'm thrilled with my results. The mini tummy tuck isn't appropriate for everyone. You may need a full tummy tuck if the muscular damage is above your belly button rather than in your lower abdomen. I highly recommend that you see a board-certified surgeon and get a professional opinion about plastic surgery. I'm so happy with my tight, flat and firm stomach, and I believe you would be pleased with the results as well.

I had a mini tummy tuck completed to remove excess saggy skin and to repair the abdominal muscles. A full tummy tuck can address complicated muscular issues, but the mini tummy tuck can restore muscle position and function. I had weak abdominal muscles caused by muscular stretching. My surgeon repaired my muscles during the surgery, and now that my muscles are restored, my stomach is flat and my loose skin is gone. I'm thrilled with my results! You should see a surgeon to get a professional opinion on what repairs need to be done and to find out if the mini tummy tuck is right for you. My self-confidence is so much better now that my belly is flat and firm. I couldn't get my stomach under control with exercise and diet alone and the surgery was my answer for muscle tightening.