How bad is the mini tummy tuck recovery time?

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Can I go back to my normal routine the next day, or do I have to lay in bed for a few days? I'm working from home, and I'm interested if I can resume working from my bed the following day. I'm not sure I can take a few days off just to relax. I have a project that needs to be finished soon.


F, 38, Utah

My plastic surgeon advised me to take it easy for a few days following my Mini Tummy Tuck surgery. I was pretty sore the first postoperative day. There was some tenderness, slight swelling and some bruising on my abdomen. I was given some pain medication and had taken it that first night. This did help the pain and allowed me to sleep. I got three fluffy pillows and used two behind my head and one to brace against my body. This kept my swelling minimal, and I also used the extra pillow to brace my abdomen during moves. I work in an office setting, and I took off a week from work following my surgery. Expect some soreness for that initial week. See how you feel in 2 to 3 days and start back to work slow while avoiding any strain on abdominal sutures and midsection until completely healed.

I had a mini tummy tuck, and I can see how you might be able to rest and work from home after a few days. My procedure took about one and half hours. I had swelling and was sore for about two weeks. I returned to work after one week of recovery. My doctor said that my tummy tuck recovery was smoother because of my fitness level. If you do small abdominal exercises during the month before the surgery it can reduce the amount of pain and stiffness you experience during the recovery process.

I recommend that you talk to your plastic surgeon before deciding whether or not to take on the challenge of completing a huge project right after surgery. The initial recovery process includes sitting up and standing up on your own several times the first day, and then it moves on to walking around to alleviate blood clots. Your surgeon would need to give you some personalized recommendations for caring for yourself immediately after the surgery and working from home. It is important to give yourself plenty of time to heal completely so that the reconstructive work will look its absolute best.

I would recommend that you postpone your work project and allow yourself some recovery time after the surgery. I had a mini tummy tuck done and I prepared before the surgery by exercising as my surgeon recommended. Preparing beforehand can help accelerate your abdominal muscles healing after the surgery. Cardio and strength training along with a nutritional diet encourages a faster and easier recovery with lower risks of complications. You will need to follow your surgeon's advice after plastic surgery to ensure that you heal well and get the best cosmetic outcome. I had someone stay with me for 24 hours after the surgical procedure, which was very helpful. You should ask your doctor about working from your bed immediately after surgery. It may be doable as long as you get up to three times a day move around to increase your circulation and if you are set up for comfort.