How happy are you with the mini tummy tuck results?

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Would you sincerely recommend it to other people? Was it worth the pain, time and money? I'd love to hear some thought on this.


F, 38, Utah

I had the mini tummy tuck and am very pleased with my results! I had lower belly fat that I couldn't seem to get rid of with exercise and diet alone. My surgeon recommended the mini tummy tuck and showed me before and after photos from other patients. I was impressed with the results that I saw in the pictures, but I was worried about the price and time off of work. The good news was that my surgeon offered payment plan options that fit my budget and I only needed one week off from work.

The mini tummy tuck has been a life-changing experience for me because it has boosted my self-esteem and confidence level. I've also gotten healthier in preparation for the surgery. For example, my surgeon encouraged me to eat healthy foods and to exercise before the surgery to maximize post-surgery recovery. The pre-surgery changes in my lifestyle gave me a renewed perspective on health and on the benefits it offers me. I suggest that you see a board-certified plastic surgeon to find out if plastic surgery will work for you.

I had a mini tummy tuck, and I would sincerely recommend it! I was very dissatisfied with my appearance before the operation because my stomach was saggy and loose with excess skin. I worked out regularly, and I enjoyed a moderate diet, but I couldn't get rid of that excess fat and saggy skin. I felt like the price was affordable because my surgeon offered payment plans that fit my budget. Post op, the recovery process went smoothly, and I was pleased with the healing process. My surgeon prepared me for the recovery process by having me do crunches and exercises to strengthen the area. I was happy with my healing process and was back to work after just one week. If you desire a flat stomach, I would recommend the mini tummy tuck.