How soon after a C-section should I get a mini tummy tuck?

Should I wait until the C-section scar heals, or is it better to have it done as soon as possible? I'm not sure if the doctor will use the same incision for the mini tummy tuck either. It would be great if he/she did because I would avoid having multiple scars.


F, 35, California

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I have read about a lot of women that had gotten a mini tummy tuck procedure at the same time as when they underwent a C-Section delivery. I asked the plastic surgeon whether this was a good idea. He stated that most women will still lose weight around their midsection for several months to a year following childbirth. The surgeon said that more sagging skin around the abdominal muscles could be removed if a woman waited. There are pros and cons both ways I guess. I don't think a mini tummy tuck works as well if the person isn't close to their ideal weight.

I really wanted to get right back into my pre-pregnancy clothes and to reduce the scarring from my C-section, so I saw a surgeon during my pregnancy. My surgeon is experienced with tummy tucks and provided me with a customized plan that matched my unique needs. My doctor recommended that I wait until I returned to my pre-pregnancy weight and completed some abdominal strengthening before having the tummy tuck because it would ensure that I was able to achieve the absolute best results from my surgery.

My surgery improved the appearance of my C-section scar and reduced the shelf-like appearance that it was creating. My surgeon recommended a mini tummy tuck because my excess skin and stretch marks were below my belly button. If I had muscle extension and excess fat in my upper belly, I would have gotten a full tummy tuck. I'm thrilled with my results because my C-section scar is minimized while removing the excess skin and tightening my muscles.

I had a mini tummy tuck about six months after my C-section. My board certified plastic surgeon's medical advice was to allow my body to recuperate and my abdominal muscles to heal before completing the mini tummy tuck. By waiting the six months and letting my body heal, I avoided needing to have a full tummy tuck. My doctor also gave me exercises to perform and a diet regimen to follow in preparation for my surgery, which helped my recovery period and helped me to achieve the best cosmetic results. The mini tummy tuck minimized the stretch marks that I had on my lower abdomen and reduced the scar tissue left by my C-section. I also had liposuction done to reduce my belly fat, and my doctor tightened my muscles to provide me with a firmer stomach.

My goal was to get back in my pre-pregnancy clothes, but I look way better than I ever did before my pregnancy. The mini tummy tuck has improved my confidence level, and I'm thrilled with how great I look. My scar from the C-section is combined with the scar from my tummy tuck, and it is easily hidden with bikini bottoms.

I had my second baby via c-section. Six weeks after she was born I started to become interested in a mini tummy tuck. I scheduled a consultation to talk about having a mini tummy tuck. My certified plastic surgeon said that I should wait at least six months to have any sort of tummy tuck surgery. Her main concerns were about my healing. The healing process is different for everybody but 6 months would be enough time to heal from the cesarean section. If I had the surgical procedure right away, the results would not be as good because my uterus would not have fully shrunk and I would not have lost all of the baby weight.

I was also told that I should wait because of the risks associated with having a tummy tuck close to my c-section. I would increase my risk of things like blood clots, infection, and discoloration. While we live in a society where we want everything done immediately, this should not be one of those instances. There are doctors who will perform the procedure, but it really is better to wait. While I didn't want to undergo two procedures, I was glad I waited a year to have my mini tummy tuck. I was able to heal and focus on my new baby.

I had a mini tummy tuck after my C-section. I waited six months until after the C-section to get my plastic surgery. I met with my surgeon during the consultation to get an understanding of what to expect. I wanted to be prepared and ready for my mini tummy tuck post pregnancy. I had my surgery after my second child, and I pretty much knew I was going to have the same c-section scarring as before. I am in shape and stay pretty healthy, so my doctor recommended a mini tummy tuck rather than a full tummy tuck. I was hoping to re-create my pre-pregnancy look, minimize the stretch marks and reduce the scar tissue from the C-section. I'm thrilled with the results I achieved. My waist and tummy look toned and strengthened and the C-section scar is now minimal.