How was your mini tummy tuck experience?

Tags: woman age 35-44 pros and cons

I would like to hear all the struggles and happy moments you've been through after having the mini tummy tuck. What was the best and worse part of this procedure?


F, 37, New York

I had the mini tummy tuck completed. I was very close to my ideal weight but I couldn't seem to get rid of a pocket of loose skin in my lower abdomen. The best part about the surgery was the quick recovery. I was back to work in just one week with tolerable side effects. My scar is hidden just above my pubic hair and I'm satisfied with that. The surgeon also tightened my muscles in the area, and I love having a firm abdomen. The greatest benefit for my tummy tuck has been the firm, flat that was unable to achieve on my own with diet and exercise. Mini abdominoplasty is only recommended for women who are finished having children, so that is something that you need to consider. I recommend that you see a board certified surgeon for a mini tummy tuck consultation. I'm amazed with my results!

I had a mini tummy tuck completed, and I'm thrilled with my results. All surgeries require rest and recovery time after the procedure, which is my biggest complaint. I never like to rest or take a break from my daily schedule. But the tummy tuck results definitely made the recovery process worth it! I chose a board certified plastic surgeon, and he prepared me very well before the surgery. The better you prepare, the better you will heal. I lost weight before the surgery and exercised regularly to strengthen my abdominal muscles. This preparation helped my healing process to go smoothly, and I have no complaints. If you have excess skin below your bellybutton, saggy skin or lacks muscles, I highly recommend the mini tummy tuck. My tummy is now firm, flat and smooth. I cannot tell you how happy I am with my results of plastic surgery. I no longer waste time and energy worrying about how to lose my belly fat and buying garments that hid my stomach.