Is it possible to have a mini tummy tuck during a C-section?

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Do you think the doctor would agree to have the mini tummy tuck procedure during the C-section? I'm sorry if it's a silly question. I just thought of it. My due date is in two months, and my belly is much bigger than expected. Even though I'm thrilled to be a future mom, I can't help but think of the saggy abdominal skin. It would be great if I could avoid having another surgery.


F, 33, California

I have had a cesarean section before, and I was left with that shelf scar that is so common after a C-section. I had excess skin around my abdominal wall. So, I asked a board certified plastic surgeon to complete a tummy tuck and C-section at the same time after my second pregnancy. This approach allowed me to combine the recovery time from the pregnancy, C-section and tummy tuck into one season of life. If you choose to have the tummy tuck done after the C-section rather than during, you will need to wait about six months. You also need to make sure this is your last pregnancy before having the tummy tuck done. I'm happy with my results; the C-tuck is an amazing idea that helped me minimize the C-section scar and improve my appearance.

I had a C-section and tummy tuck complete at the same time. I chose this option because it combined the recovery period with that of the C-section and limited the amount of anesthesia. Not all plastic surgeons recommend this option. My friend had her tummy tuck done six months after her C-section and she's happy with her results, as well. Having two surgeries at the same time made my life a little easier. I already had the family there to help me take care the baby and they were already expecting me to have the surgery. So, I felt like it was a win-win. This option is only recommended if it's your last pregnancy.