Is it possible to have a mini tummy tuck during a C-section?

Do you think the doctor would agree to have the mini tummy tuck procedure during the C-section? I'm sorry if it's a silly question. I just thought of it. My due date is in two months, and my belly is much bigger than expected. Even though I'm thrilled to be a future mom, I can't help but think of the saggy abdominal skin. It would be great if I could avoid having another surgery.


F, 35, California

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I'm due to have my baby in two months and really want to get my body back as soon as possible. So, I decided to schedule consultations with several cosmetic surgeons to inquire about having a mini tummy tuck. I wanted the tummy tuck performed during my c-section. My surgeon suggested that I don't combine the two procedures. She said that the results would not be as good they could be. I should really be my ideal weight before having a tummy tuck. By waiting, I could avoid residual issues that would need to be addressed at a later point. I decided to wait a year to get a tummy tuck. The convenience of having it done with my c-section was not worth having to revisit the issue later. I recommend just living with the extra skin for at least 6 months and then looking into plastic surgery.

I saw a plastic surgeon who explained to me that while some surgeons are doing the C-section and tummy tuck at the same time, I would get the best results if I waited for at least six months to have the mini tummy tuck surgery done. He explained to me that if I had a mini tuck done with the C-section, I might be disappointed with the results. The muscles are stretched and pulled during pregnancy, and the uterus is out of place. The mini tummy also only focuses on the lower abdomen so it would reduce the size of the C-section scar, but it doesn't give the body enough time to recover from the pregnancy. He showed me before and after photos of women who had the mini tummy tuck and C-section combination done. I wasn't impressed with the photos that showed the women a year after the surgery when compared with women a year after a mini tuck alone.

I had my mini tummy tuck done six months after my C-section. I was glad they waited because my C-section scar was really ugly and it had to do with the way my baby had to be delivered. I don't know if the combination surgery could have provided me with as smooth of a scar as my mini tummy tuck alone offered because my upper abdominal muscles were stretched. I was worried that I would need to have a full tummy tuck done, but the muscles returned to their natural position and were strengthened with exercise after my pregnancy. I recommend that you see a plastic surgeon who is experienced in tummy tuck procedures and can give you good advice on a combination surgery.

I had a C-section and tummy tuck complete at the same time. I chose this option because it combined the recovery period with that of the C-section and limited the amount of anesthesia. Not all plastic surgeons recommend this option. My friend had her tummy tuck done six months after her C-section and she's happy with her results, as well. Having two surgeries at the same time made my life a little easier. I already had the family there to help me take care the baby and they were already expecting me to have the surgery. So, I felt like it was a win-win. This option is only recommended if it's your last pregnancy.