Is it possible to not need a mini tummy tuck after pregnancy?

I'm obsessed with my body, and I've recently found out I'm going to be a mommy. Amazing news, except that I'm scared of all the transformations that will happen. I'm skinny and tall, and it's been relatively easy to stay in shape my whole life, and I wonder if I do everything right (have a healthy diet, exercise a bit, walk as often as I can), would my body be able to bounce back to it's original form? If not, I would probably need a mini tummy tuck (I did my homework), but I reaaaally want to avoid this. Any thoughts?


F, 32, New York

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Body changes are a natural part of pregnancy and I experienced a lot of changes. While I didn't have a lot of stretch marks, I did have a lot of loose skin. About six weeks after giving birth, I went to a plastic surgeon to figure out what I could to get rid of my loose skin. My doctor was pretty honest and said that not everyone needs plastic surgery after pregnancy. He suggested waiting six months. It would take that amount of time for my uterus to shrink and my body to go back to its pre-pregnancy form. After six months, we were able to see if I need to do anything surgically. My skin was able to snap back into position on its own, so I didn't need to undergo a mini tummy tuck.

I understand what you're experiencing, I was so worried about my shape after my pregnancy. There are exercises that you can complete during your pregnancy to strengthen your abdominal muscles and to minimize excess weight gain. But, if you experience extra skin and lax muscles under your bellybutton after recovering from childbirth, the mini tummy tuck may be the best option for you.

I had a mini tummy tuck procedure completed after the delivery of my last baby, and I'm really happy with my results. My stomach is now firm and tight and my muscles have been repaired. My plastic surgeon explained to me that sometimes a pregnancy can pull apart or weaken the muscles in the abdomen. My surgeon repaired this problem during my mini tummy tuck surgery. I wanted to go without surgery with natural solutions, but I'm thrilled with my results and I couldn't be happier! Sometimes nature doesn't allow us to do natural things to achieve the results we want. My pregnancy was really hard on my abdominal muscles, and I'm just thankful that I had a surgical answer to rid me of my loose skin. The mini tummy tuck was a huge success.

I had lax muscles in my lower abdomen along with some excess skin and fat. I saw a plastic surgeon to get some advice on non-surgical procedures that could help me to get rid of this lower belly fat. CoolSculpting was an option, but I had an ugly C-section scar that had created a shelf of fat. My board certified plastic surgeon showed me before and after photos from other mini tummy tuck patients post-pregnancy, and he showed me some CoolSculpting before and after pictures. He recommended that I have the mini tummy tuck done because he would tighten my lower abdominal muscles, remove excess fat with liposuction and permanently remove my excess saggy skin.

I'm pleased with my post surgery results! My stomach now flat, firm and smooth. I recommend that you see a plastic surgeon to find out what options are available for you, but I definitely recommend that you have the mini tummy tuck done if the surgeon suggests it.

I prepared during my pregnancy by eating right and exercising daily, but I wasn't able to protect my stomach muscles foreskin from being pulled out of place. Pregnancy often creates lax muscles and access in the lower abdominal area. I had a mini tummy tuck with lipo completed about six months after my last pregnancy, and I'm thrilled with the results! Even though I exercised and ate right, my stomach muscles became pulled and distorted. The mini tummy tuck operation restored my muscles and remove the excess fat and skin from my lower abdomen. I'm thrilled with my results, and I highly recommend seeing a surgeon if you experience lax muscles and excess skin in your abdomen after pregnancy.