Is it recommended to have a mini tummy tuck with lipo?

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I'm aware that mini tummy tucks have less dramatic results than regular tummy tucks, but I'm fine with it. My skin is not loose right now, but I'll definitely see some sagging skin once the belly fat is removed through liposuction. Can these two be done together? It'll probably cost more, but at least I won't have to deal with two separate procedures.


F, 37, Vermont

I had a mini tummy tuck with liposuction completed to remove excess fat, saggy skin and to tighten the abdominal wall under my bellybutton. I chose to have the two procedures done at the same time because I wanted the best results possible. My plastic surgeon is very experienced and does many tummy tucks. He explained to me that the results I wanted would require liposuction along with the mini tuck. I'm thrilled with my results and couldn't be happier with my plastic surgery. The scar for my surgery is short and just above my pubic hairline. I'm happy that I had my muscles tightened with the mini tuck at the same time as I had the fat removed through liposuction. My stomach is now firm and flat, and I'm so happy with the way that I look. I am now considering a breast augmentation after having success with a mini tummy tuck procedure.

I had a mini tummy tuck combined with liposuction, which tightened my abdominal muscles, removed excess skin and removed the pocket of fat under my bellybutton. The best way to have a tight and firm belly is with a cosmetic procedure like the mini tummy tuck. I tried liposuction alone but I couldn't get the flat belly that I wanted because lipo does not fix loose skin. If you are looking to achieve a specific look, you should let your surgeon know exactly what you want. The mini tummy tuck provided the results I wanted with a small incision, and I recommend it to any my friends who complain about their belly fat in the lower abdomen area.