Is the mini tummy tuck without muscle repair less painful?

I imagine yes, since it's less work to do. Even though I probably need the muscle repair, too, I'm not interested in getting a perfect body. I only want to tighten some of the loose skin on my abdomen, with as less pain and stress as possible.


F, 41, New York

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I spent the past two years successfully getting rid of an excess amount of weight. During my weight loss journey I lost 60 pounds. While I'm proud of my success, I hated the fact that I had a lot of excess skin. To get rid of the loose skin, I decided to undergo a mini tummy tuck. I understand that tummy tucks, by the nature of the procedure, are painful. However, being pain adverse, I didn't want to undergo a lot of pain. So, I asked my surgeon if I could have a tummy tuck without the muscle repair. The muscle repair is not necessary for everyone. My plastic surgeon explained that undergoing muscle repair increases the recovery time and pain. After careful consideration, I decided that if I was going to get plastic surgery I may as well to have my muscles repaired because I wanted to achieve the best results from my tummy tuck.

I had a mini tummy tuck without muscle repair. My doctor explained to me that many people do need lower abdominal muscle repair when they have a mini tummy tuck. I was in good physical condition, but I had this pocket of stubborn, unwanted fat and saggy abdominal skin. My doctor explained that liposuction alone wouldn't deal with the saggy skin issue because I had gained and lost weight and had stretched skin in that area. My tummy tuck recovery was smooth and uncomplicated. I was back to work in one week and I was able to keep my procedure a secret from others, although everyone was amazed by how great I was looking.

I had the mini tummy tuck completed, and my doctor explained to me that it was less painful than a full tummy tuck because it only addresses muscle repair in the lower abdomen. I felt like the surgery reminded me of when I had dental work done. I slept during the process and woke up right after. Post op, I recovered quietly in the recovery room and then was able to go home and rest comfortably.

My tummy tuck recovery was simple and I was back to work in just one week. The mini tummy tuck can repair abdominal muscles below the belly button and improve the appearance of the C-section scar with a much shorter recovery time than a full tummy tuck would. I'm thrilled with my results and I recommend that you see surgeon for a professional consultation.

My mini tummy tuck recovery went smoothly, and I was back to work within one week. My stomach is now flat and firm and I love how I look. My surgeon said that the mini tummy tuck would work for me because I only had excess fat and lax muscles under my belly button. If you have upper belly fat and extended muscles above your belly button, you may need a full tummy tuck completed. A full tummy tuck requires a longer recovery period and general anesthesia. If you prepare before your surgery by exercising and eating right, your mini tummy tuck recovery can go even smoother than expected. My recovery time went without a glitch and I highly recommend the mini tuck to my friends.