What is a Mini Tummy Tuck. Is it worth It?

I keep hearing about this procedure, and I'm starting to consider it for the near future. I'm not sure what got into my mind, because I was against cosmetic procedures for such a long time, but everyone seems to get one, nowadays. Can someone provide me with some information about it? I have a small belly pouch I can grab with both my hands, and the skin in this area is sagging a bit because of the two pregnancies I had. Would I qualify as a candidate?


F, 41, New York

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I had a mini tummy tuck completed, and I'm thrilled with the results. I would definitely say that it's worth it! I had a small amount of obnoxious, extra abdominal skin and fat that needed to be removed. The incision that is required for a mini tummy tuck is smaller than a traditional tummy tuck. The treatment area usually focuses on the area below the navel. Excess fat is removed, the muscles are tightened, and the skin is stretched downward and tightened. You may be considered a good candidate for a mini tummy tuck depending on the condition of your muscles and the amount of excess fat and excess skin that you have in your abdominal area.

My neighbor had a mini tummy tuck about a year before I had mine. She experienced some weight loss and had some loose skin she wanted to address. After seeing the result of her procedure, I decided to have one done myself. During my mini tummy tuck, a small incision is made at my bikini line. My doctor tightened removed the loose skin and tightened my muscles. Is the procedure worth it? Yes. I no longer have my little lower abdominal pouch that I felt self-conscious about.

I had a mini tummy tuck, and I'm thrilled with the results! I have a child, and my post-pregnancy look just never went away with diet and exercise alone. My surgeon removed my excess sagging skin and tightened the muscles in my lower abdomen. I also had liposuction during the tummy tuck to remove a stubborn pocket of fat that just wouldn't leave. I saw a plastic surgeon who explained to me the different plastic surgery options available for my saggy belly. Because my problems were below my belly button, the mini tummy tuck was perfect for me. The price for the mini tummy tuck was more affordable than a full tummy tuck, and requires a smaller incision that can be more easily hidden.

My self-esteem has skyrocketed. Plus, I no longer have to wear shapewear under my clothing to hide my lower tummy. You should visit a plastic surgeon for a consultation. My surgeon also offered payment options, so I make affordable payments every month on my tummy tuck. My friends are always complimenting me on how great I look.

I can say that my mini abdominoplasty was absolutely worth the time invested and the expense. I had always been obsessed with having a flat stomach, but I had a belly bulge that wouldn't go away. I tried all of the over-the-counter tummy tuck creams, weight loss belts and ab machines; but I just couldn't get rid of that bulge and loose skin despite dieting, exercise and purchasing multiple made-for-TV products. My mini tuck surgery was affordable, and I couldn't believe I had waited so long to see a plastic surgeon when the answer was there waiting all that time.

My surgeon showed me plenty of before and after photos and performed liposuction, some muscle tightening and removed excess skin to provide me with a firm and flat stomach. My scar is small enough to hide with my bikini bottoms, and my surgeon even recommended scar fading treatments that helped to reduce its appearance. Ask your doctor if they offer payment plans because most offices do. I'm making monthly payments on my new, flat tummy and I'm spending much less on my monthly payments than I did on all of the products and exercise equipment that couldn't achieve the look I wanted. If you follow your doctor's pre- and post-surgery instructions, you will experience the best cosmetic results.

I too had a small lower abdominal pouch that sagged after having my two children. This area wouldn't get toned no matter what I did. I got a mini tummy tuck procedure done earlier this year. This is a smaller revised full tummy tuck surgery that is better for those of us with small amounts of lower belly fat and loose skin. The plastic surgeon asked whether I was through having children. I am, but if I became pregnant again, the terrific results from my mini tummy tuck could be undone. There are still some permanent scars hidden low just above the pubic area. These are smaller than scars from a full tummy tuck, and I cannot see mine when wearing a swimming suit or underwear. The plastic surgeon lifts skin and fat tissue layers away from abdominal muscles and removes excess fat. Then he stretched that droopy skin and trimmed it and secured with sutures. I love my slimmer and toned abdomen now.

Yes, the mini tummy tuck surgery was worth the results that I achieved! I had sagging skin below my belly button and excess fat that I just couldn't get rid of with exercise and diet alone. Most of my friends rolled their eyes when I complained about my belly fat on my lower abdomen, but the surgeon completely understood what I was complaining about. It didn't matter how much I exercised or how well I ate. I just couldn't get rid the bulge until I had the surgery. The surgery was affordable, and the scar is small and easily hidden by my bikini bottoms. The same friends that were rolling their eyes at me when I complained about my belly fat are now complimenting me on how great I look. I highly recommend having a mini tummy tuck completed if you are embarrassed by your belly fat, dissatisfied with their shape and unable to make changes with diet and exercise alone.