Botox or miraDry for underarm hyperhidrosis?

I've read about both miraDry and Botox, but I'm still undecided which one is better, since neither one guarantee results. I was thinking about getting Botox first, to see how I feel about it, and then get the more permanent solution (which is miraDry). This way, I'll have more time to save money in the meantime because miraDry is a bit too expensive for my budget right now.


F, 32, California

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I was able to save money at first with Botox, but my preference was to use miraDry, because of the more long term effects it had on my underarm sweat glands. A month or so after my Botox injections, the excessive sweat had decreased significantly. The sweat was still there, just less noticeable. I felt more comfortable hanging out with my friends. My ultimate goal was to have the miraDry procedure done. 2 months after my procedure, I noticed no sweating except when I ran in marathons or exercised heavily. I have been able to maintain a more dry armpit, and have not experienced any major issues.

I suffered from excessive underarm sweating so I opted to get miraDry. I no longer sweat or have moisture and odor under my arms. Before having miraDry, I had Botox treatments completed for several years. Botox is a temporary treatment that needs continuous maintenance. It is less expensive than miraDry, but my doctor offered payment options, which made miraDry very affordable. You should see a plastic surgeon or dermatologist who offers miraDry and Botox to find out which one they recommend for you. You may be pleasantly surprised when you compare miraDry payment options to having routine Botox treatments completed.

I receive Botox treatments in my underarms for my hyperhidrosis, and it has worked out for me really well so far. It is my personal opinion that Botox is the way to go for several important reasons. Number one, I find it to be cheaper than miraDry. When cost is a factor and, like me, you’re not very good at saving up large amounts of money, then Botox is an affordable option. Number two, miraDry does not always work for everybody. I’ve read about several people who claim that the surgery did not work or that the results were not worth the price or the swelling and bruising. Botox shots do hurt somewhat, but I’ve never felt the agony that some claim they have experienced from undergoing miraDry. Number three, and most importantly, Botox works. Yes, I have to go in periodically for treatments, but they always work. I have never felt like I was wasting my money when I spend it on my follow up treatments.

I was initially torn between getting miraDry or Botox treatments because of the price, as well. I struggled between wanting instant gratification and more long term results for underarm sweat. I ended up sitting down and making a list of the pros and cons for both procedures. A huge con for me at the time was getting poked with multiple needles in the armpits for the rest of my life. It makes me shudder now just thinking about it. I ended up going with the more expensive option. MiraDry really does work, but be prepared to take a few days off of work.