Does miraDry have any permanent side effects?

I know miraDry cause temporary swelling and redness, but is there any more permanent side effects, such as damaging the armpit nerves or excessive radiation? I want to make sure I'm not exposing myself to any risk before committing to this expensive procedure.


F, 38, New York

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I underwent miraDry for my hyperhidrosis, and I suffered a few side effects from the treatment. The miraDry procedure itself was practically painless. I thought it kind of felt like a bunch of little bee stings. I left the clinic feeling pretty okay, but when I woke up the next day, good god was I in pain. It was probably one of the worse pains I’ve ever felt in my life. On top of the constant hurt was the crazy swelling. It was all very painful for several days. But, I will say that the treatment cut out 75 percent of my usual underarm sweating, and I don’t stink all of the time anymore. I now have the ability to wear more sheer and satiny tops when I go to work. I have also noticed that the hair under my arms doesn’t grow back as thickly as it used to.

I was one of those people who always had wet spots under my arms and marking my shirts. The miraDry procedure went smoothly, and the only side effects I had were some mild discomfort and tenderness. Because I am an excessive sweater, I have already scheduled my second treatment despite already having positive results and greatly reduced moisture. I took Motrin around-the-clock for the first 24 hours to reduce any discomfort and iced the area under my arms. I did have some bruising and swelling and mild stinging for the first 24 hours. Each day the symptoms diminished, and by day three, I only had some mild irritation and slight bruising.

If you see a specialist, they will provide you with a list of risks and possible complications. The use of electromagnetic energy is not excessive radiation. Serious risks are rare, and the treatment is very safe. Plus, miraDry is not associated with an increased risk of cancer. I highly recommend the treatment, if you are experiencing excessive sweating. I have gained so much freedom since having the procedure because, as an extreme sweater, I had to change my shirt a few times a day, wear multiple layers of deodorant and shower repeatedly. Since the treatment, I shower and simply head out the door. I used to receive Botox treatments which were great as well, but I would need to repeat injections every 9-12 months. miraDry is a long-term treatment option for severe sweating.

Most of the side effects of my miraDry treatment were just temporary swelling, soreness, and redness. It was uncomfortable, but it was definitely worth having no more sweating! They went away after a couple weeks. I also continued to get occasional numbness and tingling in my arms, which still happened a few months after the procedure. I'd assume that was some sort of nerve issue with my underarm sweat glands, but it went away eventually. I have heard that there can occasionally be rarer and more unpleasant side effects though. Apparently there can be a bit of a risk for permanent nerve damage. Though rare, this could end up making it tricky to move your arm! I was worried about the potentially permanent side effects, so I did a lot of research before my miraDry treatment. As long as you pick an experienced doctor and get them to use the lower settings along the area where your nerves are, you should be fine. And remember miraDry is an FDA-cleared microwave energy procedure that has been tested rigorously!

I spent years of my life suffering from excessive sweating. I used to be embarrassed that I hated wearing a shirt that would be drenched with yellow pit stains even when I wasn't active or it wasn't hot. Last year, I decided to do something about the problem. I decided to try miraDry. I read a lot of good things about MiraDry, but I also read about the side effects I could potentially experience.

I did experience some side effects. After my surgery, I experienced a lot of swelling and pain for the first two weeks after the procedure. There was also a bit of redness in my armpit area. However, everything was fine by week three. I was told that I could experience tingling and numbing, but none of that happened. I'm glad I had the hyperhidrosis treatment I no longer experience the excessive sweating, or any sweating, in my armpits. I highly recommend the procedure to anyone who suffers from the same condition. miraDry works!

I know how it feels to be nervous before deciding whether or not to commit to a procedure. I experienced excessive sweating as a young adult, and it was not the grandest of ordeals for me. I finally decided one day to get treatment for my sweating, because I started to notice an unpleasant body odor from my armpit sweat, and was too embarrassed to hang out with others. The non-invasive treatment was a little expensive for my budget and after my first treatment, I felt pain under my armpits, but I could bear it. I can say, after some time, I did not experience any negative permanent side effects, just dry armpits, which is what I wanted in the first place.

I thought miraDry worked okay for me. It reduced the amount of underarm sweat that came out of me, but it definitely did not stop my hyperhidrosis in its tracks like I thought it would. Still, I was pleased with my sweat reduction and am more confident about being able to get through my day without having to drown myself in perfumes and a thousand layers of deodorant. All was well until a few months later when I noticed what appeared to be several little cysts growing in both of my armpits. I have never had anything but hair grow under my pits until I had miraDry. Now I’m going to the doctor to find out what exactly they are and what I can have done about them. I am guessing it is some sort of irritation in my sweat glands. I wanted to stink less, but not at the price of not being able to wear tank tops anymore.