How much does hyperhidrosis surgery cost?

Is it expensive? I haven't met anyone whose had hyperhidrosis surgery, and I'm totally clueless about how much it could cost. I hope it's a decent price.


M, 39, California

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Ever since I hit puberty, I experienced excessive armpit sweating. I tried everything possible, including various antiperspirants, and had several consultations before I finally decided to have my hyperhidrosis procedure done. I paid around $4,700 for a couple sessions, and can still say, I am happy with the results. It is good to be familiar with the different types of treatment to compare hyperhidrosis surgery costs and options. This helped me to budget and determine what was best for my needs. My sweating is barely noticeable, and I am very satisfied. I can wear what I want to wear now.

I saw a plastic surgeon to discuss endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy (ETS) for severe hyperhidrosis problems. I got a price of $9,000. This surgery involves only a few small incisions to interrupt nerve impulses leading to hyperactive sweat glands. My doctor reviewed my health history and examined me to determine the best treatment option, and he concluded that miraDry was an option that I should consider. miraDry is FDA-approved to treat underarm sweating, and one to three treatments can provide permanent dryness. My doctor also uses miraDry to address small areas of hyperhidrosis in other areas as well.

I'm thrilled with the results I achieved with two miraDry underarm treatments. I now only need to shower once a day, and I don't need to keep changing my shirt to hide excessive sweating. You should see a doctor for a private consultation to find out if the hyperhidrosis surgery is the best option for you because miraDry is way more affordable and only cost me $3000 for two treatments on my underarms.

I had miraDry done as a hyperhidrosis treatment. It cost me $4,000, and I had to get two treatments about four months apart. I know of several treatment options for hyperhidrosis, and they all sit at different prices. If I had gotten miraDry done in a different state it may have cost me more or less money than what I paid here in Illinois. Sympathectomy is another hyperhidrosis surgery option that could treat excessive sweating, but I have not heard good things about it as far as price and safety goes. I imagine that Botox shots would be the cheapest way to go because it’s a series of injections that don’t last as long as a surgery would. I would advise you get in touch with a doctor and find out what your options are as far as treatments and cost. I think that would be the surest way to go about it.

I have received two different surgical treatments for my hyperhidrosis. I started out using miraDry. It cost me over $3,000, but that was here in Alabama. I imagine it would probably cost a little more or less if you reside in a different state than me. The procedure itself didn’t hurt, but that all changed the next day. I had several painful days and nights of agony, and it was still pretty tender for several weeks after the pain calmed down. The procedure worked really well, I just couldn’t contemplate the thought of going through the recovery pain again, so I looked elsewhere when it came time to address my problem again. I ended up going with Botox injections, which cost me so much less than the surgery did. I think the Botox works even better than miraDry because I noticed that I sweat even less now.