How much does miraDry to the armpits cost?

From what I heard, miraDry is FDA-approved to only treat the underarm excess sweating, but I met doctors who said it can be used on some other areas too (back, thighs). Does the price change, depending on the area?


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The miraDry treatment is currently only FDA approved for sweat reduction under the armpits, but some doctors use it to treat hyperhidrosis in other areas as well. I had miraDry completed on my underarms, and the doctor talked with me about the excessive sweat that I have experienced behind my knees for years. I may return to have the small area behind my knees treated later with miraDry or Botox injections.

The price varies between offices and the second treatment is less expensive than the first. My doctor charged $3000 to provide me with two treatments for my underarms. If the area on your back is significantly larger than your underarms, I would expect it to be more expensive. The symptoms are easy to treat when it's under your arms because it's easy to apply ice to that area.

I have had to deal with hyperhidrosis for most of my life. It's a condition that I thought I would have to go through life dealing with. When I found out that there was an FDA-cleared way to treat the excessive underarm sweating in my armpits I was excited. One of the concerns I had was over price. The cost of the treatments is not cheap. However, the cost depends on the doctor, the location, and the area that is getting treated.

I paid $2000 for my first MiraDry treatment. I had a second treatment about six months after my first one. My second treatment session was not as expensive as the first. In total, I paid around $2800 for both treatment session. Every patient will not have to have more than one single treatment. The procedure is not cheap. However, I can honestly say that the procedure provides great results I no longer have to worry about embarrassing sweat stains and odors due to excessive sweating.

I paid about $5,000 all together for my miraDry treatments (underarm sweating), however, I imagine the price would be different based more on your location than on the body part. I live in Pennsylvania, and I was charged around $2,500 per session. I would also guess that you will be charged by the number of treatment sessions you would need to go to. I was treated twice, three months apart. Depending on what you need done, you may be charged for only one session, or you may need several. The best thing I can advise you to do is to get in contact with a representative of miraDry and find out what your options are; that would be the surest way to find out.

The price does change based on location. My friend paid a slightly higher price than I did, but we are in two different states. You may also need multiple treatments, based on the area that will be treated. I tried to see if my doctor would do the non-invasive treatment on my legs because the inner creases right behind my knee keep sweating, but he was not able to do so at this time. Hopefully he will be able to soon because that is my next irritating issue. I am not positive if a doctor would perform the procedure anywhere other than the armpits.

The cost will definitely depend on where you are located, and how many treatments you need. My insurance wouldn't cover my miraDry unfortunately, but I know some people do manage to get a reduced rate by going through their insurance. Without insurance, the cost of my miraDry procedure along my lower back was $2,670. This was in a smaller town, so it might cost more in a big city with a higher cost of living. The plastic surgeon told me it would basically be the same regardless of where I was getting the miraDry at. However, you might end up having to pay more if you need the miraDry in multiple places. In that case, the extra cost would just be from the extra use of the miraDry, not the fact that it's in a different location. I also found out during my miraDry consultation that my doctor charges less for any subsequent miraDry treatments. Therefore, you might actually be able to save money if you get miraDry in one place first and then select another place for your second treatment. I may have the doc zap my sweat glands under my armpits next.

It cost me $4,000 a treatment to get miraDry done under both my arms. I had to get two separate treatments almost four months apart. This is how much miraDry cost me in Chicago. Depending on where you live, it could be cheaper, or it could cost more. I’ve heard that it’s cheaper in some states than it is in others. As far as the treatment itself went, it was relatively pain free. However, the next few days were pretty awful. I wouldn’t say that it’s the worse pain that I have felt in my life, but it’s pretty close. Be prepared to take the next week off of work; believe me, you’re going to need it. You will experience bruising and swelling in the underarm area. Just be sure to buy some ice packs. Through the post treatment pain I can say that miraDry works and my underarm sweat has mostly been extinguished.