Is any deodorant capable of treating hyperhidrosis?

I haven't heard of any deodorant that can really be helpful for hyperhidrosis (not just mask the odor), but maybe you can help me on this matter.


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I have severe palmar hyperhidrosis, and I tried using regular deodorant on my hands to no avail. My doctor prescribed clinical strength antiperspirant that I rolled onto my sweaty hands each evening. This product was beneficial but wasn't a huge success. I have a friend that has hyperhidrosis in other areas of her body, and she uses prescription antiperspirant and deodorant on her inner elbows, between her breasts, and behind her knees.

I would recommend that you see a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon who specializes in treating the medical condition. Botox injections can provide temporary relief from hyperhidrosis. I have had Botox injections done to address palmar hydrosis, and it can also be used in small areas on other parts of your body to stop your sweat glands from working for a temporary period. I have maintenance injections done every six months to keep my hands dry. The FDA has also proved a treatment that provides permanent dryness, which is called miraDry. You can probably ask for a free consultation to find out about hyperhidrosis treatment options that would benefit you. I believe, miraDry has only been approved for underarm sweating but it may be an effective treatment for sweaty hands as well.

I, myself, have looked for a magical medical deodorant that could both prevent and treat my hyperhidrosis. Unfortunately, no such thing currently exists. That’s because the purpose of deodorant is not to prevent sweating but to kill the bacteria within the sweat that is responsible for creating the B.O. smell. Luckily, I have found that there are many types of deodorants out there that are very good at masking the odor that comes from heavy, uncontrollable sweating. I don’t know of any actual medicine that can fix hyperhidrosis, but there are surgeries and procedures that can be done to fix the problem. I’m too chicken to actually attempt any type of surgical cure myself, but that might be a viable option for you. Botulinum toxin has been used to reduce the size of sweat glands in your armpits. It is a procedure that I am considering but it is a solution that requires repeat injections every year.

When I was a child, my grandmother used to slather my armpits with this deodorant called Tussy. The deodorant did temporarily get rid of the sweat while I was active, but when I took my evening shower, the deodorant washed off. It also left a thick residue on my clothes, so I did not like wearing it. I can say that Tussy is the only deodorant that would keep my armpits dry, as long as I had it on. I did not have to reapply it until after I washed it off. I was able to wear it all day with no issues. It was more of a short term solution for armpit sweating. The other deodorants that I have used just seem to mask the odor because I have to reapply every couple hours.