Is being overweight the main cause of sweating?

I'm 38 years old and, with age, weight gain is almost inevitable. I weigh 214 lbs now, more than I ever have, and I realized I've started to sweat a lot more than I ever had before. Can it be because of the extra pounds I gained over the years? I'm not sure I want to see a doctor just yet, so I would really appreciate any information you can provide here.


F, 40, Nevada

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When I was at my ideal weight of 130 pounds, I used to sweat during physical activity or if the room was too hot. 3 children and 70 pounds later, I still sweat at times, though I do not know if I am sweating more or less. My cousin was the exact opposite. We would run for hours and hours, playing in my grandmother's back yard. She would be dripping with sweat. She gained more weight than I did, and now she doesn't sweat at all anymore. There could be factors other than weight gain that causes you to sweat more than usual. I really do not think that being overweight is the main cause, but it could contribute to additional sweating in some people.

When I put on an extra hundred pounds, it seemed like I began to sweat more than I did when I was 110 pounds. Even in the dead of winter, I would sweat buckets under the blankets I would bundle over my fat girl sweats. It didn’t take a Google search to figure out why I was suddenly sweating all through the day as if it were July and not December. My excessive weight was causing me to generate more heat and therefore, caused me to excessively sweat. I found this predicament terribly embarrassing, especially when I formed sweat stains in my clothing. Nothing got to me self esteem more than looking down at my stomach and seeing several uneven rows of sweat soaking through my top. When I dropped the extra weight, I found myself sweating a whole lot less than I did when I was heftier.

I had a problem with excess sweating and struggled for a lot of years with odor and wet clothes, which increased as I got older due to hormonal changes and fluctuations in my weight. Hyperhidrosis is a medical condition that causes excess sweating in your hands, and other areas. I had an FDA-approved miraDry treatment completed on my underarms to stop the sweating in that area, which targeted and reduced sweat and odor under my arms by treating the glands. I experienced immediate results and stopped sweating in this area.

I was unable to stop the sweating with weight loss alone, but you may experience other benefits by losing weight. You should see a dermatologist or plastic surgeon who offers miraDry treatments to find out if that's an option for you. You will probably receive a free consultation, which will include an examination and a review of your health history. I have a long family history of diabetes, but I was okay to get the treatment. 

I'm 42 years old and one the past couple of years I've gained about 40 pounds. On top of gaining weight, I've noticed that I'm starting to sweat more than ever - even night sweats. I scheduled an appointment with my general practitioner. I was told that because my excessive sweating was something that occurred after I gained a lot of weight, my weight could be a contributing factor to my weight gain. However, there are other health conditions that could cause my excessive sweating.

My physician asked me questions about my medical history and if I knew of any relatives that had a history of excessive sweatiness. My father also had issues with excessive sweat. While my doctor did say that losing weight would be good for my health, chances are I may have hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis can affect people regardless of their body weight. Since my father suffered from the same condition, I may be genetically predisposed to it. If you suffer from excessive sweating, I would consult a physician to find out the cause of it. I was able to undergo a procedure that helped to eliminate my issues with excessive sweating.

When I gained weight, I definitely felt way hotter. All that extra body fat made me feel like my body temperature was constantly overheating. I could be sweating while sitting next to my skinny friend, and she would be complaining about how chilly it was in the area. The sweating was probably made worse by the fact that I was constantly wearing long sleeves and jeans because I didn't want to be seen in tiny clothes. It was actually one of the big factors that ended up pushing me to lose weight. Once I lost weight, I did find that sweating was reduced, but I still had some issues. Gaining weight does make sweating worse, but there are still plenty of other causes of sweating. I'd suggest you still visit your doctor if you lose a bit of the weight and are still dealing with sweating. You might have hyperhidrosis or some other health concern that requires actual treatment.

I definitely feel like I sweat more now as an overweight person than I did when I was thin. Obesity causes my body to generate more heat. This leads to my body sweating more in an attempt to catch a gentle wind that will cool it down. I find myself turning the air conditioner higher up in the summer and turning the heater down lower in the winter. It’s great on my utility bill in the cold months! Last summer, I bought an extra deodorant stick and used it on the soles of my feet as well as under my breasts and stomach. It sounds like a weird thing to do, but it helps to control the smells my heavy sweating creates. I’ve heard of surgeries that seal some of your sweat glands off and makes you sweat less, but I personally don’t feel the need to go that route. For me I will focus on some weight loss and see if that improves my disorder.