Is MiraDry Worth It?

This is my note in response to the 37 year old male patient who asked if MiraDry is worth it. It looks like it was posted under the ask a cosmetic doctor section, and since I have a patient account, it's preventing me from posting there. 

Hey, I'm a 28 year old male and I had MiraDry done. I too suffered from hyperhydrosis. Since my MiraDry treatment, I have not profusely sweat from my armpits. MiraDry permanently destroys your sweat glands, so you will not sweat nearly as bad after the procedure. Your sweat glands also do not grow back or regenerate, so you should be good for the rest of your life. I had two treatments spaced 3 months apart, and my sweat production has probably decreased 90%. It was definitely worth it and is a long term solution to overactive sweat glands. 


M, 31, Pennsylvania

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