Do mole removals leave scars?

I've had a mole on my face for over 30 years.  Is it easy to get this removed? Will there be a scar on my face?


M, 35, California


I had a mole removed on my back last year by my dermatologist.  They told me it was best to take it off because it was a little different color.  There was a small mark but it continues to become less noticeable each day. Good Luck!


They do on me 

Scars are almost a medical inevitability, however; if the size of the mole is small at its base, then simple electrocautery with topical lidocaine paste will leave little to no evidence of the procedure used to remove it. Protection post-procedurally with diligent SPF use is imperative to the appearance long-term of the area addressed.  Scars heal over an 18 month period, so protecting the area is the sole responsibility of the patient. Best of luck to you!

I've seen some removed without leaving any scars at all, and I've had some of mine removed, which left scars. I think it depends on the skill of the doctor that does it. Just be careful who you pick. :)

I also agree. I had a dermatologist remove a mole on my back and it healed poorly. The scar was raised and ugly. I had a mole removed from my face by a facial plastic doctor and I did not have a scar. You literally can't tell I ever had a mole there.

Hi - I have had moles removed and I stronly recommend having it done by a Plastic Surgeon, especially since it is on your face.  I had some removed from my Dermatologist and they have left some scaring (but they were not on my face).

Good Luck!

Agreed.  I had 2 removed from my nose and they came out pretty you can't notice at all and the other is a little spot but it looks more like a freckle now