Should I get a Mommy Makeover? Was it worth it for you?

I have a question for all the girls here that have had a mommy makeover. Are you still happy about your decision? I'm contemplating having the procedure, but I'm scared and I can’t help but think that I may regret having this done. I need to return various parts of my body to the way they used to be… pregnancy is a blessing but it comes with many challenges, especially after giving birth by C-section. 


F, 42, Vermont

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Having a Mommy Makeover was absolutely worth it to me. Having children is an extremely rewarding part of life, but there is no denying the toll it can take on your body. If you breastfeed, often breasts will deflate to smaller than they were pre-pregnancy, as well as sag. While exercising can help tighten the abdomen, when you have had a Cesarean, sometimes it is impossible to ever get your stomach back the way it was without surgery due to the muscles being cut into. Confidence and feeling good about the way we look is an important part of being a person, as well as a mother, so don't feel guilty or selfish for wanting to have your body back the way it was before kids. Surgery IS scary to think about, of course, and for some people it isn't the right choice--I would recommend scheduling 2 or 3 consultations (usually free) with board certified plastic surgeons in your area and listen to what they say, look at their before and afters, etc. If you have a spouse/partner, bring them along too if possible so that you will both be put at ease and feel comfortable making a decision about how to proceed. Good luck!

Hi Karalla - I too have been given several blessings of pregnancy and had to deal with the challenges of accepting my body afterward. Let's just say I didn't want to accept the changes after I lost my baby weight, and I underwent a Mommy Makeover (breast lift, augmentation, and tummy tuck with a little liposuction to my hip areas). The toughest part was getting over not feeling guilty about having something done - I worried about if something went wrong how I would look to my family and friends (selfish, vain, etc.). But honestly, I got over it with the help of my husband's support, and just went for it. As the surgeon explained to me, most of my issues, even with weight loss at my goal weight, would never return to pre-pregnancy without his assistance - lifting my breasts that had fallen substantially after 3 pregnancies (the last one being a C-section) with breast feeding, giving me volume back to my chest that had virtually disappeared, tightening my stomach muscles (essentially back together after being torn apart - a condition he called diastasis recti where your middle stomach becomes stretched like a weakened rubber band - where you feel like you have a big stomach that sticks out when its not actually fat, it's just the weakness of your muscle area doesn't keep everything back in where it used to be), removing the excess skin (thankfully with a good amount of stretch marks with it and lowering my c-section scar) that hung over my jeans, and returning my silhouette to an hourglass with liposuction. Don't get me wrong, all of that in one surgery was a daunting thing to overcome, but day after day I felt better than the one before and eventually got back to the gym again once I was cleared by my doctor, tried on tank tops with a built in bra without wanting to run away from the mirror, and bought a pair of skinny jeans without feeling I needed a girdle to tuck my top in. 

My best advice is to think about what regrets you're fearing, face them head on with the support of people (or a person) you trust, and rationalize it the best you can. Know that the process is going to come with discomfort that can be managed, but rewards that you'll appreciate and value for years.