Why I Don't Regret Getting a Mommy Makeover

Why I Dont Regret Getting a Mommy Makeover, submitted image.Why I Dont Regret Getting a Mommy Makeover, submitted image.

As a mother of two, I tend to put my children first all of the time. I look at their needs and do my best to accomplish everything they need or want. This way I get to completely forget about myself, and after breastfeeding them for a total of 1.5 years, my boobs became unrecognizable. The ligaments and the skin stretched, making my breasts spill over in the bra and fall down so low that it wasn’t funny anymore. And gravity didn’t help either… for my entire body actually, tummy too. 

I instantly realized I needed to do something to improve the elasticity of my skin and feel better when I looked at myself in the mirror. But as a mom, I had a tremendous problem deciding if I should spend money on something that seemed so superficial to everybody else -- plastic surgery. Coming to peace with myself was hard, but in the end I realized that I am a great mother and this will never change. And that if somebody has a problem seeing a happy mom, then I don't want to interact with them anyway. I’m a big girl. I should be the only one responsible for my choices. I didn’t expect this to happen, but after worrying so much before having a mommy makeover about what other people would think, I am now a much better person to be around. My kids actually said I smile more often now, and that they think love 'their beautiful mommy.' This makes my heart melt. 

One of the biggest issues I had with getting a mommy makeover, was the recovery time. I still needed to take care of my children. After having the procedure, it took me a couple of hours to wake up and clear my head. In the subsequent days, I had some pain that I needed narcotics for (the doctor will prescribe you some) and it took 2-3 weeks before I no longer needed them. As I started weaning myself off pain killers, I increased my daily activities and after two months things had returned to normal. Now, after a year and few months, my scars are almost gone and I sometimes forget I had so much surgery… except for my new amazing body.

Wearing compression garments was not an easy task, especially when going to the bathroom (I won’t get into details here but you can imagine). Once you get over the first few days, you’ll feel much better, and you'll get used to wearing it.

If you choose to lift your breasts too, you’ll have a big shock. Your boobs will look much bigger than you really wanted them to be. But don't panic, the swelling will slowly go down, and you’ll have the bust you were so proud of before giving birth to your precious children.

An important process is massaging your breasts a week later… you’ll enjoy this part, trust me. Not to mention your husband… In case you wonder why you need to do this, my doctor said it will help them soften up and get a more natural look.

For you to really understand how much of an impact the mommy makeover had for me, before the procedure, people thought I gave birth to twins. This is how large my belly was after my second pregnancy. I ended up with a lot of extra skin hanging around, and I was not happy about it. 

I had to take off some time off from work (my boss was not happy about it but… I didn’t care that much). I was even able to continue getting paid during my absence. You will have to take at least 3 days off from work when you a procedure as big as a mommy makeover. You won't be allowed to do anything for those three days except rest and believe me, you won't feel like doing much in three days following surgery. 

Post-op, my mommy makeover seemed very superficial to people that didn't know me very well and I started to feel the need to explain why I did it. That was until I realized I didn't care what other people thought. Did it make me happy? Yes! Does it affect others negatively? Definitely not! Quite the opposite. People that know me could tell how much happier I was after the procedure. My personality reflected how great I felt post-op.  

My only advice to anyone considering a procedure, is that you can't just rely on a mommy makeover to return your body to the way it once looked. I highly recommend exercising frequently and eating healthy too. Having said that, exercise and eating healthy only goes so far. Also, don't let other people hold you back. Do what's best for you. I can’t believe I almost missed my opportunity by worrying about others. Next time I’ll remember to put myself first, because this way I’ll be able to have the mental energy to really take care of everyone that deserves my love and attention. Good luck to you!


F, 37, Virginia

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I am so happy for you! It is very important for mothers to know that it is possible to restore your body after having kids.  Even though some people will say "I don't want to get plastic surgery", I think it is completely normal to want your body back.  Good Luck in your future!

What exactly is a mommy makeover? Thanks. 

A mommy makeover is designed to address certain problem areas after having having kids, hence "mommy makeover".  The procedures that are usually performed are a breast augmentation and/or lift (depending what your breasts look like), a tummy tuck to remove the stretched skin developed during pregnancy, and liposuction to address other problem areas.  The price can vary from $8,000 - $15,000+ depending on the surgeon.