Do neck lift masks actually make you look younger?

I'm curious about trying a neck lift mask. I've read that they are good for firming and tightening the neck and in general making it look younger. Has anyone done one or know someone who's done one and had good results? What were the results like?


F, 61, New Jersey

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Yes, I've had one. Its kind of like a mini facelift or neck lift that lifts sagging skin without the need for plastic surgery. I definitely recommend getting one if you are looking to make your face look younger and slimmer. I feel a whole lot younger and the skin around my neck does feel tighter and a lot more firm. I really love how it feels and people compliment me on the results. If you want your skin to look younger, it is something you should look into for sure. I wouldn't expect it to work miracles if you have a serious double chin or severe sun damage, but it gets the job done for the average person correcting some excess skin and the early visible signs of aging.

From what I’ve experienced, the effects of each neck lift mask will be a bit different based on the ingredients in it and what it is designed for, but I’ve noticed a lot of benefit when using them. I’ve tried quite a few brands and most of them increased the brightness of my skin and helped with general dryness. I think it’s the dryness that can make wrinkles or fine lines look more noticeable, so increasing skin moisture helped minimize the look of the lines. A lot of your appearance is your skin’s texture and brightness, which masks can definitely help improve, so for that reason alone I would recommend trying out a neck lift mask. Deep wrinkles are really hard to remove even with more drastic measures so using a mask is a good alternative you can do from home and without side effects.

Thanks to genetics and aging, the skin under my jawline was quite saggy. I had spoken with a plastic surgeon and was about to go through with a neck lift procedure, but I tried using a neck mask as a hail marry.

I am very glad I tried it first because not only did it save me thousands of dollars, it also provided satisfactory results. After only a few days, I noticed how much smoother my neck skin was.

After a month, my skin was tighter and had fewer wrinkles. Though the masks do work and certainly make you look younger, it is only temporary.

You need to use them at least once a week to keep seeing results. They are also great to use a few hours prior to a special event. The brand that I have also makes a similar product for crow's feet which has been sitting in my Amazon cart all day!