Experience with a Necklift?

I have a similar neck to this photo:

 Experience with a Necklift, submitted image.

Will a necklift help me? 


M, 53, New York

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The issue with loose skin on your neck is that it has been stretched out from excessive manipulation over time. If you have minimal loose skin then some tightening can be done in a limited fashion with lasers. If there is an excess of fat and the skin is tight, the a technique called Precision Smart-Lipo would be a good treatment. However, with loose skin and excess fat in the neck, the best approach is a neck lift. Often this involves an incision behind the ear and in some cases the incision extends in front of your ear. However, it is well hidden. The underlying muscle is tightened and the excess skin is removed. 

I just did a little research on Kybella George and it looks like it might be useful for you. I came across this photo on Google:


Experience with a Necklift, submitted image.


This patient's neck looks very similar to yours. 

I'm interested in the same information. I'm not sure if I need a necklift, Kybella or CoolSculpting. Does anyone have any thoughts?