How bad is neck lift pain after the procedure?

I'm trying to figure out how much pain I'll be in after my neck lift. Is there a way to reduce any neck lift bruising or swelling? Like everyone I guess, I'm hoping to make a fast recovery and not be too sore afterwards.


F, 62, New Jersey

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When I had my neck lift done it was under general anesthesia, so I felt nothing. My plastic surgeon gave me some pain medication which I took for three days after the procedure. I didn’t need it all though, I had some left over after three days when I switched to weaker over the counter meds. I didn't have a lot of pain from the surgery, and my doctor said most people don't have pain either.

However, something I did notice was swelling and a little bit of tightness in my neck muscles near the incision site, kind of like I was wearing a tight turtleneck, that lasted for maybe four days after the procedure. The swelling took longer to settle, maybe about a week. But as far as pain, I didn’t notice too much.

I have a low pain tolerance and I still thought it was not that bad in the end. Everything was back to normal for me in two weeks and I am really happy with the overall result of the neck lift. I think the results were definitely worth the trouble and recovery time.

I had a neck lift procedure to get rid of some excess skin after major weight loss, and you really shouldn’t worry too much about the pain. Yes, everyone is different, but I was moving around really quickly, sooner than you'd expect after plastic surgery. I was pretty sore and stiff for the first couple of days, but after that it was more tenderness and discomfort than anything else. It just felt tight around my jawline and neck. It will be sore, but I doubt it will be anything you can’t handle!

I've had a couple of cosmetic procedures and the best advice I can give is just listen to your cosmetic surgeon and take it easy after you come home. Don’t do any strenuous activity especially heavy lifting and if you have a problem, let your surgeon know. But if you are like me, it won’t be bad at all. Good luck!

The pain from a neck lift surgery is not as bad as you'd expect it to be. Before I went through with my surgery, I questioned many people online as to how bad the pain was. They all gave me different answers, some said the pain was bad, others not so much. Everybody is different—we all heal at different paces, we all have different pain tolerances, etc. The pain during my neck lift recovery process was not a problem, I only felt a slight discomfort.

I did have severe swelling that lasted between 2-3 weeks and slight bruising that lasted for the first week, though. I eased my swelling by keeping my head elevated, wearing a compression garment, sticking to a low salt diet (to keep my blood pressure low), and applying a cool compress to the area frequently. Now it's all behind me and I finally got rid of my awful turkey neck for good!