Is there such thing as a quick neck lift?

You know how there's a quicklift for the face, is there something like that but for a neck lift instead? I've been getting fillers for a few years now, but I'm looking for something more permanent but I still not sure I want to get a full neck lift procedure. Is there an equivalent quick neck lift? Cause I think that'd be perfect for me.


M, 51, Connecticut

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Great question. We age in 3 ways. Skin quality, tissue volume loss and tissue sagging/loosening. A neck lift can fix the second two. Skin quality can be treated at the same time. I like combining minimally invasive surgical procedures with RF treatments at the same time to get improvement in all three areas. This really helps give you a "one and done" treatment effect that you describe.

Sorry for the double answer.

I perform a wide variety of necklifts, from extended (dramatic and natural results), to minimally invasive using only a single small 2cm incision beneath the chin. 

I like to include liposuction and radiofrequency tightening (FaceTite, AccuTite, Morpheus8) for some patients to get the shortest downtime possible with the best possible result.

There are many other treatment options for neck rejuvenation as well, and it sounds like you may be a great candidate for one of the shorter recovery mini-treatments. While many patients elect for an in-person evaluation, we perform video consultations as well. Warm regards!