Is a Z-plasty neck lift good for getting rid of a turkey neck?

The skin on my neck is quite flabby and it's like I have a turkey neck. I was looking into getting a neck lift when I stumbled upon the neck lift Z-plasty procedure? Is this effective against turkey necks or should I get another type of neck lift?


F, 66, Delaware

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A Z-plasty neck lift is very effective at getting rid of a "turkey gobbler." In fact, that is the very reason my father had the procedure done. It's been five years since the surgery and he is still satisfied with the results. Though it was effective, his Z-plasty procedure did leave a visible scar underneath his chin.

This is actually why this type of plastic surgery is more often performed on men than women, as men can easily cover the scar with beard hair or a collared shirt. Given your age and gender, your plastic surgeon may suggest other options (like a modified deep-plane lift) which is also very effective at removing excess skin from the neck and jawline.

I think that the Z-plasty surgery would be a good idea. I aunt had it done a few months ago. She's an older woman and really hated how her neck looked, she described her loose neck skin in the same way as you like a turkey neck. Her surgeon recommended a Z-plasty procedure for her because they can take out a large fold of your skin when they make the cut this way.

You can hardly tell that she had the surgery at all when you look where the incision was made, but she definitely looks a whole lot better now than she did. I think this type of surgery does sound right for you. She has not had any other issues since she had the surgery done, and she has been happy with her appearance so far.

I had Z-plasty done to reduce the look of my turkey neck about 2 years ago now and I am happy with the result. The main reason why I went with one is that my doctor said it wouldn't really affect the look of my face, which I really did not want to do. He also said that it had a relatively low complication and side effect rate which was important for me.

What I particularly liked about the procedure was that it was a short operating time. It only took about an hour and a half for me. I also didn’t notice any pain, though my doctor did give me a pain medication prescription. All in all, I was back to normal after two weeks. The one issue I had with it was that the scar took a while to heal down completely and I went back in once about a year after the surgery to get the scar revised, but that was in the office under local anesthesia. You can barely see the scar now, which is great!