Should I get a neck lift or liposuction?

What's the difference between neck lift vs neck lipo? Not sure which one I should get.


F, 58, California

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Liposuction of the neck is actually a neck lift procedure in itself. Liposuction helps by removing excess fat, which in turn can tone the neck and make the face appear younger but liposuction only removes fat, whereas a standard neck lift procedure can tighten neck skin, remove excess fat, make wrinkles less visible, and more. Which type of procedure you want to get depends on what part of your neck you want to improve.

If you suffer from a ""double chin"" you may want liposuction. If you suffer from saggy skin, you may want a standard neck lift (platysmaplasty). Years ago, I got liposuction and a platysmaplasty because I suffered from both excess fat and saggy skin around my jowls.

I considered both and opted to wait a bit, but I plan on a neck lift not neck liposuction. A neck lift is a procedure that involves the doctor making a small incision behind both of your ears while you're under general anesthesia. It seems like a perfect solution if you want something permanent because they remove the excess skin that's on your neck and tighten up your neck muscles. You'll look younger for sure.

With liposuction, you're only removing the fat deposits in the neck, but liposuction can't do anything for loose and flabby skin. So, it should really depend on what you want done. If you want to look younger and have less excess skin on your neck, I would go for a neck lift.

About a year ago, I had a consultation with a plastic surgeon and he recommended that I get liposuction instead of a neck lift, which I had originally thought I needed. The way he explained it to me, a neck lift works by removing excess skin and tightening the remaining skin and muscles. He had said that he normally does it for people with sagging skin around the jawline or who have turkey neck.

I didn’t particularly have an issue with the tightness of the skin around my jawline, I only had some excess fat that hid my jawline and made it less defined. Because of that, my doctor said I would be a better candidate for liposuction. He also said I could do a neck lift and liposuction together, but in the end I chose to just get the liposuction because it was a faster procedure and I didn’t need too much skin removed and tightened. I’d recommend getting a consultation so a doctor can see exactly what you should do to get the best results.

In my experience, it's always best to speak with an expert when it comes to plastic surgery before having your mind set on any one procedure.