What are the results for a male neck lift like?

This might be a shot in the dark, but does anyone know what neck lift results are like for males? I'm a man in my late forties and am looking to get rid of the fat and droopiness that has started showing up on my neck. Any info on male neck lifts would be appreciated.


M, 51, Connecticut

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Though I am a woman, I have gone through a neck lift procedure and the results are fantastic. No more sagging, drooping, or wrinkly skin, it really helped me manage the early signs of aging that bugged me most. My father also had a neck lift many years ago and he was quite pleased with the outcome. He had what you call a turkey neck (basically a bunch on loose neck skin) and absolutely hated it. He never pictured himself having cosmetic surgery, but I pushed him to go for it and he is very glad that he decided to go through with it. He went through a procedure called Z-Plasty neck lift, which is commonly performed on men. The incision is directly below the chin, where it can be easily covered up with facial hair or a collared shirt. A Z-Plasty neck lift is very effective at getting rid of droopiness and excess skin or fat.

I haven't had neck lift surgery, but I have a coworker that went and discreetly had the procedure done to fix up some loose skin. I think it's probably more popular for men than many people think. That's probably true for a lot of facial plastic surgery to be honest. I knew he definitely looked a lot better after he had it done. You could see that it lifted his face and jowls without making it look too obvious that he had a procedure done.

Before he had it done he had the same kind of droopiness you are talking about, but afterwards it was pretty much gone. He looked younger and I heard the procedure was very simple for him. He wasn’t even out that long, about two weeks of work. I'm not one for cosmetic procedures usually, but I've been looking into getting a neck lift myself since my coworker's results were so good. I say go for it if you are concerned about how you look.

I got a male neck lift done last year. Be sure to talk to your doctor and make sure they have experience working on men because when I was getting my consultations, the plastic surgeon I ended up going with reassured me that my jawline would stay. I also have a relatively prominent Adam’s apple and I wanted to make sure that would not be affected. I am satisfied with the results of the neck lift. The skin around my neck was starting to sag and I was starting to get a double chin even though I’m not overweight. The skin around my neck is a lot smoother now and my jawline looks twenty years younger. Recovery was also smooth and painless. I took a week off work but I felt good enough to go out after five days. I think the neck lift is a good procedure to look into getting to improve the look of your neck and jawline.