What types of procedures are involved in a neck lift?

I've been looking into getting a neck lift and saw that other procedures like liposuction, botox, are often a part of it. I just wanted to know what the different types of neck lift procedures are and which ones I should get/avoid. Is there such thing as a "pure" neck lift or are other procedures always involved?


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The way my doctor explained it to me, a neck lift procedure is anything that removes excess skin and pulls it back to tighten it. When I had my consultations, my doctor recommended I also get some excess fat removed from my neck because I not only had loose skin but also was starting to develop a double chin. So I also had a small liposuction done to have a more complete and better looking procedure. My doctor also mentioned I could get fillers but since I didn’t have deep wrinkles I didn’t think they were necessary. I am really happy with the results of my neck lift and think that doing a liposuction at the same time was a good idea because everything around my neck area looks a lot tighter and my jawline is more defined. I don’t think I would have had the same definition without the liposuction, but that is something you should definitely discuss with a board-certified plastic surgeon.

Yes, you can just get a neck lift surgery if that is what you want. A regular neck lift is actually a very easy procedure that doesn't have a long recovery time. My mother had it and she was really happy with the results. If this is your first time with plastic surgery I would go for a neck lift first.

Liposuction is a different type of cosmetic procedure that removes fat but not skin so it won't help you with a turkey wattle problem. If you want something permanent, I don’t think that Botox is the way to go. Botox is more of a quick fix that focuses on neck muscles, not skin, and as far as I know, requires upkeep and only lasts for a few months at a time. I would avoid it if you would rather not have to keep going back.

I've been doing research into this myself and here's what I've found.

There are a few common types of neck lifts:
1. Liposuction
2. Laser-Assisted Liposuction
3. Cervicoplasty
4. Platysmaplasty
5. Minimal Incision Neck Lift
6. Direct Neck Lift

Given your age and the fact that you are a woman, you should avoid full neck lift surgery. This type of procedure is commonly performed on men, as we can easily cover the scar with facial hair or collared shirts. Your best options for excess skin may be a Platysmaplasty or a Minimal Incision Neck Lift. These are two of the least invasive neck lift procedures because they use small incisions and don't involve the platysma muscle.

You'll have to be under general anesthesia but the scarring is minimal. These two procedures are often performed without any other procedures being involved.