Are the scars from Nipple Reduction Visible?

Does a nipple reduction cause any visible scars? If it does count me out. I want my nips to look better not worse. Are there any non-invasive ways to improve the overall look of your nipples? It stinks because some people are just born with great nipples. Not me…


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Nipple reduction - do you mean reduction of the areola (the brown pigmented part), or making the protruding nipple portion shorter?

If the former, then yes, the scars may be visible but are usually quite faint pale lines around the areolar border and they often fade considerably over time. They can also sometimes be lasered and/or tatooed to blend them in further.

If you are talking about shortening the nipple, those scars are almost never really visible based on the way that tissue heals.

-- Dr. Sayed

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Usually nipple reduction scars are so well healed and well hidden that most of our patients in my experience do not notice them at all.

generally a nipple reduction leaves no visible scars if properly done.  What I mean by a nipple reduction is usually reducing the length.  Narrowing the width is a more complicated procedure that may leave some visible scars albeit very small.  Both of these procedures can affect her ability to breast-feed