Can I have an Areola Reduction With no Augmentation?

Can I have an areola reduction without getting a breast augmentation? My friend told me that you have to get both done but I don’t think that makes any sense. Some of the research I have seen online tells me that the procedures are not necessarily related so I am not sure where my friend got her information from.


F, 27, New Jersey

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Yes, you can.  No problem!  Best of luck!

 You're reading is correct, the procedures are not necessarily related. It is absolutely possible to have a areol reduction without having breast augmentation. 

You are right so go on some consults and be evaluated and become informed about the desired procedure 

Dr Corbin

Yes, you can have an areolar reduction without breast augmentation. They are two different procedures and can be done separately or together depending on what result you are trying to achieve.