Did I damage my non surgical rhinoplasty by pressing my nose against my pillow?

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My doctor injected a filler to correct a small bump on my nose, and last night I fell asleep and woke up with my face in my pillow, and I'm scared I ruined everything! I'm not sure if it's placebo or not but my nose looks different than it looked yesterday. I think it's more swollen than before. Is it possible that I damaged the result?


F, 28, New Jersey

I knew I wanted to change how my nose looked, but I wasn't ready to commit to something as invasive and permanent as plastic surgery. My friend informed me that there was a method that could change the appearance of my nose with a few injections. I had a consultation with my plastic surgeon, and she said that I was an ideal candidate for a non-surgical nose job. My doctor reshaped my nose using dermal fillers.

After the cosmetic procedure, I was told that I could not put any pressure on my nose for at least four weeks. Putting pressure on my nose could affect the results and cause the dermal filler to shift to different places in my nose. After the four-week time period, I was able to wear glasses like normal.

I've always had issues with my nose. While I wanted to change the way it looks, I didn't want to have a rhinoplasty procedure. My facial plastic surgeon suggested a non-surgical rhinoplasty. The non-surgical approach involved using an injectable filler to reshape my nose tip. I wear glasses, I was told after my injections to avoid putting pressure on that area for four weeks. I forgot and soon noticed some issues with my nose. The pressure I placed on my nose was too soon after the procedure. Needless to say, it can affect the results. I had to have a touch-up treatment to undo the damage. If you are suffering from a deviated septum a non surgical nose job will not help you. It is purely cosmetic.

I wouldn't worry about the swelling because that is a normal side effect of the procedure and can last up to a few days post op. The pressure you placed on the nose, though, could have caused some problems. The way the non-surgical rhinoplasty works is by injecting soft and flexible filler (I used Juvederm) to even your nose out, and this filler does not immediately harden which means it can still be shaped, either intentionally or by accident, for days after the procedure. Most of the time, it doesn't completely solidify until 2 weeks after the procedure. The best thing you can do is to call your doctor's office now and explain what happened. Hopefully they can get you an appointment right away today and correct any accidental changes caused by the pillow. Afterwards, maybe try sleeping in a recliner so you will be less likely to end up sleeping on your face.

I had been self-conscious about 2 small (but enormous looking to me) bumps on my nose all my life. I remember being uncomfortable for the majority of my childhood. After learning about options available, I underwent my first non-surgical rhinoplasty on my twenty-first birthday. The filler option, though temporary, was best for me as I was afraid of getting invasive cosmetic surgery and being stuck with a nose I didn't like.

The morning after the fillers, I woke up with massive swelling. It's a good thing my mother's wedding was 3 weeks away. I called my doctor, who said swelling is actually worse the next day and lasts for up to a week. I've had 3 filler injections since then, and next day swelling has become a routine occurrence for me. To answer the question, you're just noticing swelling. You can't damage the work without some rather hard blow to the nose.

I think it is definitely possible that you damaged the shape of your non-surgical rhinoplasty, but most likely it will still be okay. I did something worse after mine. I had gotten up to get some water during the night, tripped, and fell headfirst into a rocking chair. Although I was in pain, I was so worried that I messed up my fillers I went to the Emergency Room right then. Of course, they couldn't do anything but told me to go see the doctor that did the procedure the very next day. Since the filler does not harden for up to a couple weeks, the doctor can massage it and reshape the filler for a few days after the procedure. Don't try to fix it yourself, though. That is something the ER doctors really emphasized with me because you could make it even harder for them to fix it the next day.

First of all, most people who have non-surgical rhinoplasties have their worst swelling and bruising within 24 hours of the procedure, not immediately, and often, this is most noticeable the next morning. This is normal swelling and can cause the nose to look enormous and much different than after the injection. However, in your case, since you put so much pressure on it, you definitely want to get it looked at. Because the filler does not set fully for a couple weeks and gradually gets harder during that time, you could very well have shifted it and changed your potential final results. If you get in to see your doctor as soon as possible, you most likely did not ruin everything, though. Since the filler is still soft, they can probably readjust it and give you the results you want. Just do not try to fix it on your own at home.