Does getting a non surgical nose job every year pose any risk?

It's been almost a year since I had my non surgical nose job, and I was thinking I should do it again soon. Am I damaging my nose in any way if I do this every time the effect of the filler wears off? I forgot to ask my doctor when I first did it.


F, 27, Pennsylvania

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I have always been told that there are no problems with getting the injections routinely, even for decades. To me, it seems like they might not know, though, because some fillers are newer and haven't been around for long. The ones that are made out of compounds that are found in our bodies are probably the safest, like Juvederm and Restylane made from hyaluronic acid and Radiesse that is composed of collagen. I did work with a woman, though, who eventually developed an allergy to her filler after many injections, but I think that is a very rare occurrence. If the procedures were not safe, they probably would not be as popular, so I think you are fine getting a non-surgical rhinoplasty once a year.

I've had 4 nose filler injections before with my plastic surgeon. What I love about them is there are no major risks, and the recovery time is ideal for working individuals. I've had no pain. The biggest risk I've had is swelling, which worsens within twenty-four hours and can last for 7 days. My doctor also warned about a potential risk of blindness. There are many blood vessels around the eyes and nose, and injections can damage them. However, of the few cases in which someone was rendered blind, they were under the care of medical quacks. It's wise to only go with a certified physician injector. You should also research the doctor's credentials and past.

I absolutely do not want to undergo any type of surgical procedure the change the appearance of my nose. Because of this, non-surgical fillers are an ideal solution. The only downside to this option is the fact that I have to undergo the cosmetic procedure every year. My biggest concern with this was whether or not the use of these injectable fillers poses any type of health risk. I asked my doctor this question before undergoing my first procedure. She said while a non-surgical nose job must be done every year, the risks are minimal. However, with every procedure, there are potential risks. She uses Restylane. Restylane would help to avoid any potential risk that would occur. Some of these risks include the thinning of my skin, ulcerations, vein damage, and bleeding. But she did say that these risks were rare. I've been getting a non-surgical nose job for about five years. So far, I've haven't experienced any issues.

I think dermal filler usage has not really been mainstream enough to know for certain that there are not any long-term effects, but in order to get approved, the FDA did study and test these injections enough to approve them. As long as you follow the recommendations and do not get any injections more frequently than instructed, I think it is safe. Since most of the injections are made from natural substances, there shouldn't be any problem with chemicals or anything leaching into tissues. As far as local tissue and muscle damage, that is all superficial and heals as any bruising and swelling goes down after the injection. The best thing you can do to minimize long-term risk is to make sure you choose a skilled physician who is experienced in the specific procedure you want. And you can always reverse the effected of filler injections with hyaluronidase.