Too much swelling after nose filler. What can I do?

I had a non surgical nose job yesterday and the doctor injected Juvederm in the bridge of my nose. It looked pretty good yesterday, not much swelling, but today it's bulky and there's not much moving happening. Is this normal?


F, 32, Kentucky

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Yes, this is typically what occurs after a nose injection with hyaluronic acid. I had my first injection 2 years ago. My biggest concern was asymmetry and a small bump at the top. It was making me self-conscious, but no one could convince me to have surgery. Immediately following the hyaluronic acid fillers, my nose looked great. It wasn't until the next morning when I woke up and looked in the mirror that I believed I made the worst decision of my life.

My nose had swelled to twice the size it was before I had the injection. It just didn't look like it fit my face, so I immediately called my doctor, who reassured me it was just the norm. A week later, there was no swelling at all, and I returned to have another injection after a year. Of course, the same next morning swelling occurred, but by then I knew it was just temporary.

From what you describe, it sounds like my nose every time I get my non-surgical rhinoplasty redone. I don't usually have much swelling the evening after the filler injection, but the next morning is a totally different story. This should be the worst of it for you, though. The swelling should start decreasing and movement will return over the next few days. This is why most doctors recommend that you give at least two to four weeks between your injection and any big events. This way, the full results of the injection will be on display. As long as you don't have any bright red and tender nodules around the area, shooting pain, or an aching pain that does not go away with ibuprofen or Tylenol, I don't think you have anything to worry about. However, if you are really concerned, it wouldn't hurt to call your doctor and get it examined.

Almost all patients will experience some swelling following a non-surgical nose job. This can be disappointing as almost immediately after a filler treatment, patients often notice a change in their nose, without any side effects. However, rest assured that swelling is normal and to be expected and usually appears the day after the injection.

There are several reasons that swelling occurs:

  • The injection causes minor trauma. Swelling is the body's response to this trauma, and as the skin on the nose is delicate it can be prone to more swelling.
  • Dermal fillers are hydrophilic, meaning they absorb water from the surrounding tissue after injection, which also exacerbates the appearance of swelling. Some fillers, such as Juvederm, are more hydrophilic than others. Swelling attributed to this factor typically decreases over 72 hours.
  • Dermal fillers routinely require the injector to gently massage the area to distribute the filler into the contour of the surrounding tissue. This digital pressure can attract fluid to the treated area, encouraging swelling.

I would not be concerned by some minor swelling if you only underwent the non-surgical nose job yesterday. Unfortunately, even minor swelling on the bridge of the nose can appear worse than it really is due to the visibility of the contours in this area.

However, I would recommend that you wait seven to 10 days for any residual swelling to subside as your final results will become more apparent by then. There is no point in scheduling an appointment any earlier because until the swelling goes down, the doctor cannot truly assess the symmetry of your nose or the efficacy of your results.

If you are still unhappy with the appearance of your nose, contact your injector who will be able to determine the best way to address the situation. An injection of hyaluronidase can dissolve the filler and reverse your results if necessary.

I underwent a non-surgical nose job yesterday afternoon using an Juvederm injectable filler. The day after the surgery, my nose felt swollen and i noticed a bit of bruising in the injection spots. I contacted my plastic surgeon in a panic. She said that swelling is to be expected and that I should ice the area to help decrease the swelling. Because of the areas that were treated, my swelling may last for a few days. She told me to schedule an office in three days. That would be enough time for the swelling to subside. She would then look at my nose to see if it was overcorrected and fix the results. While the swelling did decrease, she also believed that she overcorrected. I had the issue fixed in office. My nose now looks exactly like I wanted it to look without having to get plastic surgery.

This is absolutely nothing to worry about. The same thing happened to me when I had my non-surgical rhinoplasty, and of course, I called my doctor panicking, thinking I was allergic to the dermal filler (I used Juvederm voluma) and having some sort of reaction. Apparently, some people start swelling immediately post treatment, but for others, the swelling happens slowly throughout that first 24 hours. Often, the next morning, these patients, like me and you, have much worse swelling, but don't worry. This is the worst of it, and it will start getting better within the next day. After about three or four days, the swelling will barely be noticeable, and you will be able to wiggle your nose. This healing process actually continues for a few weeks. I think I reached my final result at two weeks. It just got subtly more defined each day. My doctor recommends that, if his patient is having the procedure specifically for an event, they should schedule the injection about a month in advance.