What fillers do doctors use for a non-invasive nose job?

Do doctors use the same fillers for a nose job as for treating wrinkles? Will I have to choose between fillers? In this case, would the cost vary? Someone please explain me how it works. I'm totally clueless.


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I wanted to make some minor changes to my nose without needing to undergo a major surgical procedure. Despite wanting to take a non-surgical approach, I was concerned about what I would be injecting into my body. I didn't want any injectable fillers that would cause horrific side effects or anything that would be unnatural. At my consultation, my plastic surgeon told me that she used hyaluronic fillers like Juvederm and Restylane for non-surgical nose jobs. These products allow her to be able to smooth out the filler and could be reversed. Also, using these types of dermal fillers would provide lasting results. I loved the results of my treatments. The results are not permanent. I would have to have the non surgical rhinoplasty procedure redone each year, depending on how quickly my body absorbs the filler.

First of all, don't worry too much because your doctor should walk you through the entire process and make sure that you understand all of your options. At my facial plastic surgeon's office, one option was Radiesse which is usually used for wrinkles. The other options they had were Juvederm, Perlane, and Restylane which are all made from hyaluronic acid. The cool thing about these is that there is an enzyme that can be injected to dissolve the temporary filler if needed. Before my cosmetic procedure, I did a ton of research and ended up going with Juvederm, the filler my doctor had recommended in the first place, because I wanted one with hyaluronic acid in case I had buyer's remorse, and I thought it would give me a smoother finish. As far as price goes, I'm not completely sure. All of the options I was given were within $200 of each other.

Your options are going to depend on what types your doctor recommends. I think most clinics usually have three or four different filler injections available. I think one of the most important differences is how long they last. All of the facial fillers are generally interchangeable for different procedures, so yes, they are the same ones used for wrinkles. My doctor had Radiesse, Voluma XC, and Restylane. The Radiesse is made from calcium and phosphate, just like our bones. These last about a year, give or take a few months, and run $700 for the filler. The other two are made out of hyaluronic acid which is a substance that is normally in our bodies and can be dissolved quickly with an enzyme in case of emergency. Restylane is both the cheapest and shortest-lasting at $500 for six months. I got the Voluma XC which cost me $800 but lasts 2 years.

To my knowledge, most nose job fillers contain hyaluronic acid. It is safe to use since the chemical occurs in the body naturally. There are a few popular hyaluronic acid brands, such as Juvederm and Restylane. The brands I just mentioned are used for wrinkle treatments and lip injections as well.

I have undergone both wrinkle and nose filler treatments, and they generally last about the same amount of time: up to a year. Juvederm Vuluma XC and Juvederm Ultra XC were the best choices for me considering my low pain tolerance; they both contain lidocaine to numb the pain. Nose fillers were more than double the price of wrinkle treatments. The former usually costs between $500 and $600 while the latter is $2500 and up in my area. Aside from a bit of bruising and swelling a couple days after the procedure everything went well and I am happy I used fillers versus a rhinoplasty surgery.

First of all, yes, the same FDA approved fillers used for non-surgical rhinoplasties are used for a variety of different facial procedures including treating wrinkles. At my doctor's clinic, they basically just tell you what products they have available and give their recommendation based on your particular nose shape and desired procedure. I just went along with their advice because I really didn't know about the different types, but I ended up very happy with that choice. I got a Radiesse injection which increases the natural collagen in your skin and actually can last more than 18 months. The other main kinds they offered were the 6-to-8-month injections which are all made from hyaluronic acid, another compound found in the body, and include Restylane and Perlane. The Radiesse is a few hundred dollars more expensive than the others, but I think it's worth it because you have to have few injections overall.