Can a crooked nose be straightened without surgery?

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Can a crooked nose be straightened without surgery, submitted image.

I have a slightly crooked nose that I personally feel makes my entire face look out of proportion. I really hate it but my husband and friends say they don’t even notice it unless I distinctly point it out to them. I don’t think it's crooked enough to warrant rhinoplasty, getting a full, proper nose job, but if there are any non-surgical options out there that basically do the same thing I would be very interested in trying them. But does such a thing even exist? Can I fix my nose problem without surgery? That would be so fantastic if it's possible.


F, 37, California

From my research, there isn't really a way to straighten a nose without going under the knife. I know that there are some exercises online that claim that they can help to straighten your nose but I have never seen any reliable reviews or before and after pictures that back up that claim. Taking the time to give it a shot may make you feel better though and having stronger facial muscles is never a bad thing for your skin!

However, if your nose isn't actually crooked and only needs to be reshaped, you may be in luck. There are fillers that can help to fill in areas that are dented or help to round on the tip of your nose. That option will only work if it doesn't need to be straightened, though, so if you are still worried after trying the nose exercises you may need to prepare for surgery. 

You're the one that has to live in your skin, and you should feel beautiful 100% of the time. If you think there's a problem and want to fix it, that's all that matters! :) There are a couple non-surgical ways to fix a crooked nose. My sister was in a car accident that thankfully only gave her a slight crook in her nose. She's a whiz with make up and just did contouring to make it look straight. But I know at one point she considered injections. You have to get them ever so often to keep it straight, but it's still less invasive than surgery. Hope that helps! :)

Depending on how crooked your nose is, you may be able to improve its appearance without nose surgery. If you need more symmetry, fillers added to one side of your nose could help. Some people find that this makes their nose appear very wide, though. Fillers are also best if you need to reshape the nose or fill in parts of the nose, but they can’t actually straighten the nose. Unfortunately, if those things don’t work, you will need actual nose surgery to fix a crooked nose. The only real fix is to cut or break the bones and then reposition them. When the bones or cartilage of the nose is crooked, surgery is the only way to fix it. Remember that you don’t absolutely have to have your nose straight, though! If you’re scared of having surgery, you may want to learn to love your nose instead. hope that helps... :)