Deviated Septum

About a year ago I went to have my deviated septum fixed.  It was a very simple procedure but after I was so uncomfortable.  They packed my nose solid tight with cotton and some sort of plastic to keep my septum straight while it healed.  I was given pain medication but that was not my main issue because I wasn't in an enormous amount of pain, I was more just anxious and uncomfortable.  I am usually a mouth breather but having your nose packed you begin to want to try and breath through your nose.  Long story short I ended up pulling out the cotton on one side of my nose within 12 hours and had to go back to the doctor to make sure I didn't do too much damage.  Luckily, he said I was going to be fine but wasn't happy with what I did :( 

My suggestion if you ever have this surgery is make sure to ask for some Xanax along with the pain meds!  My biggest issue was keeping calm. 


F, 41, New Jersey

Yikes that sounds rough! If I ever get around to getting mine done, I'll definitely make sure to ask for that!

Oh man, I need to get mine fixed too but am petrified!

I'm looking into this procedure. Thanks for the advice.  

Sorry you had to go through that.  Thank you for sharing and for the tip.