How much does a Septoplasty operation cost?

I've been having difficulty breathing through my nose in recent years and at my last doctor's appointment was told I need a Septoplasty if I ever want to breath normally again. I thought for sure this was something my lame ass insurance company would cover but when I spoke to them about it yesterday was given some bogus excuse as to why they weren't obligated to pay for it along with a firm "no", there's no chance in Hell they're even going to consider helping me out. I'm almost afraid to hear the answer because I know they are anything but cheap but does anyone know how much a Septoplasty operation actually costs?


F, 40, West Virginia

I am so sorry that your insurance won't cover this procedure for you, especially when your doctor told you that you need it for your breathing. When I got my septoplasty done a couple of years ago it cost me around five thousand dollars; however, that was done in an outpatient facility instead of a hospital. A friend of mine had hers done in a hospital with a highly rated surgeon (hers was more for vanity reasons instead of for medical) and hers cost about seven thousand dollars. 

In general, I know the price of this procedure varies a lot based on area and who you have complete it. You should definitely find a well-rated surgeon instead of worrying about the cost because it could end up costing twice as much if you have to go in for a second procedure. Good luck getting this fixed as soon as you can and finding the right person for you.

Oh man that sucks!! Insurance companies are all about taking money and messing you over when you need them. I know it cost me about 4k. If you're really tight on money, you can always try something like gofundme. I know there are a few similar sites that you can use to help raise money at the same time, too. I know that with some insurances, you can petition. But doing that can take years. Either way, I hope that it all gets worked out soon.