My Rhinoplasty Journey

I was never a fan of my nose since high-school, when a girl pointed out to me that my nose had a bump in it. From that moment, I became obsessed with my nose. My obsession became so bad in high-school, that I sometimes wondered if I could take a hammer and fix my nose myself. Fortunately, I decided not to do that.

After years of hating my nose through high-school, my freshman year of college I finally decided to do something about it. I consulted with a doctor (Dr. T) who came highly recommended by several family friends and felt comfortable enough with the doctor that I booked my rhinoplasty a week later.

Leading up to my rhinoplasty surgery, I honestly was not that nervous. I hated my nose for so long and I was young, and for some reason I was not that scared of surgery.

When the day finally came, I met with the doctor who put some markings on my nose and was wheeled into the operating room that had two anesthesiologists in it (one student + the anesthesiologist). The anesthesiologist asked me a few questions, inserted a need in my arm connected to a hose and then injected a white solution (at least I think it was white) and asked me to count backwards. That was the last thing I remembered before waking up in a room with a nurse wondering why my throat was so dry. My nose was bandaged but I was not in any pain. I was just very thirsty. After a few hours, I was allowed to go home and the nurse gave me some Vicodin and advised me to take it if I felt it was needed.

When I got home, I remember looking at my nose in the mirror, wondering what would be revealed when the bandages came off. I guess I was going to have to wait but was excited for what was ahead. 

The big reveal! I still remember this day like it was yesterday. I remember the surgeon removing the bandages, giving me a mirror and asking me what I thought. I was in shock. My nose did not look like I had expected. It looked, well, fat in the front. My bump was clearly gone but my nose looked thick. I started to panic inside but told the doctor it look good. I'm sure by the tone of my voice Dr. T could tell I was not happy. Dr. T advised me that the swelling would take up to a year to completely disappear. I thought he was kidding but he wasn't. A year! I wondered how it could possibly take that long!

As the weeks went by I honestly wanted to hurt the doctor who had performed the surgery. I was not happy with what I was seeing. I didn't look horrible, but my nose seemed very thick, much thicker than it was previously. The tip of my nose seemed especially fat. I hoped every day that at some point the nose I had always wanted would appear in the mirror. 

As months went by, something strange happened. I started to like what I was seeing in the mirror. As the swelling went down, I started to realize Dr. T had done an amazing job. I started to receive compliments on how good I looked but no one mentioned my nose. They just said I looked great. Anyone who has had work done will tell you know you had a bad plastic surgeon when people say 'hey, your nose looks great, who did it?' If they can't tell, chances are the doctor did a great job and in my case Dr. T had done a wonderful job. 

Now that many years have gone by since my surgery, I can honestly say I do not regret it. The first year was rough and sometimes wondered if it was a mistake to have my nose fixed but in the end, my surgeon did a great job. My advice to anyone considering a rhinoplasty is make sure your surgeon is extremely qualified and performs 50-100 rhinoplasties a year. The nose is such a central feature on your face, I sometimes wonder why I only saw one surgeon, but I was lucky with the way things turned out. Do your research, ask to see dozens of before and afters and you shouldn't regret your decision. Good luck. 

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F, 40, New Jersey

Wow i can not believe there is so many stories about rhinoplasty. But i really liked reading yours. I think people should do with their body what will make them happy. I underwent rhinoplasty last year and i know that when u hate something about yourself you just want it to get fixed and there is even no nervosity or like being scared. You want your imperfection to go. But had the same experience. Felt so dizzy before they put me to sleep and so thirsty after i woke up. But finally after i was fully awake i got nervous if my nose will look the way i wanted. And that was the hardest part at Forme clinic i had. They took the bandage off and i did not wanna open my eyes:-) And when i opened them i just saw swollen nose with some bruises. Did not know what to think, but my surgeon dr. Vasek ensured me it will go after time, but i was in the situation i did not believe that. But of course he was right, the swelling has gone an my nose started to look like nose i always wanted. Now i am happy with it and grateful for my surgeon:-)

Your nose look amazing. 'Dr.T' did a wonderful job on your nose. It's very natural. 

Your nose looks great. Thank you for sharing your story. 

Thank you for sharing your journey. This is very interesting. Thanks! 

Good luck! Thanks for sharing!