Nose job before having nose ring

Hey, my best friend had her nose pierced last week. She looks awesome with her nose ring. My boyfriend asked me to have my nose pierced too. He also promised me that he will gift me a nose ring if I did so.
So, I consulted a beautician last day. She said that my nose is crooked and nose ring won't suit me. I was really disappointed when I heard about that. I longed for a nose ring really bad. When I talked to my bf about this, he asked me not to get worried. He told that a nose job surgery will solve my problem. He asked me to have a rhinoplasty and that he will pay for the expense.
I wanted to know how much a nose job will cost in Toronto. I searched online for best before after photos of the nose job and was pretty impressed. Can anybody of you please suggest a nose job expert in Toronto? I am really anxious. Please help.


F, 24, Ontario