Recovery time after Septoplasty?

I need to go for a Septoplasty operation pretty soon but keep putting it off because I can't afford the time it takes to recover from one. I'm responsible for 20 other employees and if I am away from work too long everybody is going to be negatively affected, especially me since I'll have to clean up everyone else's mess. But I read on one of these forums that the recovery time for this operation can really vary based on one's individual circumstances. I'm a fit, healthy 32 year old guy who usually works out three times a week [although my breathing issues have slowed that down considerably], doesn't smoke, rarely drinks alcohol, and should be an ideal candidate for a speedy recovery. So my question is if it's really true about recovery times varying much from person to person, and how long I could reasonably expect to be off work post-Septoplasty under optimal conditions. I'm starting to believe I might really be able to do this, and boy, it would be pretty darn nice to be able to breathe properly again.


M, 34, Connecticut

How long it takes to recover from any surgery varies greatly from person to person, and it doesn't really have anything to do with how fit you are. In general, though, the recovery from a septoplasty is not that bad. The first two days are the worst of it but any pain that you feel is really easy to manage with the prescriptions you are offered. 

After that, most people find that they are recovering really quickly and well. The bruising and tenderness will usually last for the full two weeks (unless you have found that you heal quickly from bruises and the like) but after three to four days you will be surprised how great you feel. If you have a high pain tolerance and heal quickly from most injuries, there is no good reason that you cannot return to work within seven days as long as you work a desk job and keep away from strenuous activities. 

I had this procedure a few years ago and pretty much fit the description you painted of yourself.  The surgery went great and everything was fine.  When I woke up my nose was completely packed with cotton and bandaged up.  I have always been a mouth breather, however once I was not able to breath through my nose I did start to freak out a bit.  They gave me pain medication, but now being a bit older and taken other types of medications I know that I would have benefitted from some sort of anti-anxiety medication.  I think this would have relaxed me a bit more and I could have just slept.

I ended up pulling my packing out within 24 hours to get some sort of relief and be able to get some air in through my nose.  I did end up going to see the doctor the next day and he was not pleased with me but told me I did not really mess anything up.  I did recover pretty quickly and was probably back in the gym within 3-4 days.  

Side Note: I did have my adenoids out as well so maybe that caused me to be uncomfortable as well