References please for a great Rhinoplasty surgeon in New Jersey

Looking for a great Septoplasty/Rhinoplasty surgeon in New Jersey.

Comments, costs, suggestions and other information would be greatly appreciated.



F, 48, New Jersey

Dr. Jon Turk is in NYC, but he's excellent. When it comes to a rhinoplasty, you need a highly skilled surgeon. In my opinion, it requires a surgeon who is very artistically skilled - more so than any other procedure. Dr. Turk is also a very warm, friendly and caring person. I've also heard Dr. Sam Rizk in NYC is great but don't have any personal experience with him. 

I don't personally know of any amazing NJ rhinoplasty surgeons, although I have heard Dr. Geoffrey Tobias is a well-known NJ rhinoplasty surgeon (oddly enough, he owns Having said that, I would travel to NYC and see Dr. Turk. It's worth the drive.