Revision Rhinoplasty

8 Years ago when I was 19 years old I had a Rhinoplasty.  My whole childhood growing up I was always self conscious about my nose - but I wanted to get out of high school before I had anything done.  I didn't feel like having to deal with people asking me questions.  During my year off, before I went to college I had a Rhinoplasty in the Los Angeles area.  I was able to get it covered by my insurance because they were fixing a deviated septum.  I did not do too much looking around for the best cosmetic doctor because I was naive and figured that they all were well trained and able to do a good job.  Plus I didn't think anything good be worse than what I grew up with.  Long story short, the surgery was a disaster.  The tip of my nose ended up turning out very crooked and one side of the nostrils basically collapsed.  I was left with a much worse deviated septum and not feeling so great about myself.  

P.S. I was super bruised up after the procedure, it looked like I just battled a lion.

What I did my first 19 years of my life, I have done the last 8 but I am finally ready for a revision rhinoplasty.  Wish me luck and I will keep you all updated on my progress!



M, 29, California

I recently went in for a consultation.  I am planning to have the surgery in the winter so I am able to heal up and be ready for spring.  I will keep everyone posted with my progress!

Good Luck!

Good luck man...You will be alright, stay positive!

Sorry bro, good luck with the revision