I'm 26 and interested in a rhinoplasty and I've hear mixed reviews about my friends' success. I've had two friends get rhinoplasties done and one had to get her's fixed a few years later. She told me that this was common, but how could such an intense surgery be so common to have to fix? Also, how risky is it to have the surgery done multiple times? Finally, does the "fixing" procedure cost just as much, or less, than the original on average?

Thank you Doctor!



F, 28, New York

Hi Sarah,

I have had my nose done twice, but both times it was to fix my horrendous deviated septum.  Both times cost about $7,000 for me.  I had it done in New York because that is where I was working at the time until I came home to look after my mother. Your scenario is a little different than mine because I had to do it for health reasons but figured I would share.