Rhinoplasty Complications

I had a rhinoplasty procedure about 6 weeks ago. As soon as my cast came off at week 1, I noticed a tightness/stuffiness with one of my nasal airways. My surgeon advised me to be patient. A couple of weeks later it became more distressing to me as it had not improved and I became more worried. I researched rhinoplasty forums online and suspect that I have a nasal valve collapse. I found that by performing the cottle maneuver that it provided immediate relief and my surgeon advised me I could use 'breathe right' strips at night to help my breathing and sleeping. The strips helped however, I noticed after the first night that I used the strips there was a noticeable divet or a dip on my bone where it had been sitting on the bridge near the top of my nose. I am not happy with either the functional or cosmetic outcome with my rhinoplasty. 
The surgeon has attempted a couple of procedures to improve the function - shrinking back the internal mucosal lining and also injecting the problem side of my nose with a hardening gel (which has also affected the shape of my nose for the worse). Neither of these have helped.

I enquired about the nasal implant - Latera (Spirox) - however, my surgeon said there was a risk of implants traveling to the brain and was opposed to this option. Is there any other suggestions that I should consider?
It seems as if I will have to live with these problems  for at least 6 months - 1 year, until at which point I can get a corrective/revision surgery performed. Should I seek another surgeon and pay out of pocket for a revision or should I trust that my surgeon can improve my nasal concerns a second time around? It has affected me greatly and I am very upset at this current stage.


M, 37, Nevada

Thankyou Lexi.

You're welcome! Good luck with everything. Also, don't worry, things will get better. You just need to find a great doctor! 

Hi Mr. Potato Nose,

Sorry to hear about what you're growing through. I can only imagine how distressing it is undergoing multiple procedures and still not being satisfied with the results. 

To be honest, I would stay far away from your current surgeon. Whenever I hear 'is doing injections or multiple additional procedures to correct my nose and it's still not fine,' that's a huge red flag. Good surgeons will not perform this many corrections. I urge you to NOT return to your current surgeon. You could end up with a really bad infection and lose your nose. Please be very, very careful. I can't stress this enough. This is your face!!! Don't mess around with it. 

I had a similar story and ended up finding Dr. Jon Turk in NYC. He is considered to be one of the best rhinoplasty doctors in the world. I see that you live in Nevada, but I highly recommend traveling to see him. He has performed rhinoplasties on 5 of my friends and is the nicest, most caring and artistically skilled surgeon ever. He is absolutely amazing. It sounds like you can't afford to see another mediocre surgeon. If you make the trip to NYC, you won't regret it. Read the story of what he did for this girl: 



Feel free to email me at lexib2424@gmail.com if you have any questions. I wish I could help you more!