I broke my nose during a high school football game 9 years ago and never really did much about it.  My uncle actually snapped it back for me while he told me to bite on my mouth guard.  Ever since the injury I have had a very bad deviated septum, plus aesthetically my nose wasn't the prettiest thing to look at.  

After I found out I would need to get my deviated septum fixed I asked if they could also perform a rhinoplasty.  I was informed by my ENT that they could and it was called a septorhinoplasty.  This was great news to me so I could kill 2 birds with 1 stone.  I had this done in February of this year so I would have time to heal during my week off as a teacher.  

I have to say my recovery was not the most fun in the world.  I was in severe pain the few days after and quite uncomfortable because my nose was fully packed.  I started to get very anxious even though I was given pain medication.  The first 3 days after all I ate was some roman noodles.  Eventually by the time I went back to my post op appointment a week later I was feeling a lot better.  However, I was still very bruised.  

I only had a week off from work so I had to go to work with some bruising on my face but it subsided after around 3 weeks.  All in all, I could not be happier because my breathing is so much better.  And its nice not to have a crooked nose :) 


M, 28, New York

I am hoping to do this as well!