Which rhinoplasty can lengthen a short nose, so that the nostrils don't show in the front view? (25M)

Male, 25 years old, white.

I have a short nose that is slightly upturned and my nostrils show. It's genetic, no previous rhinoplasty. I want to correct it, so that my nostrils don't show in the front view. I don't mind how the side view looks.

The first row is similar to my nose, the second row is my goal: https://i.ibb.co/bB4pLhW/nose-comparison.jpg

If I lightly press down on the middle of my nose with my finger, my nostrils don't show anymore (like the second row of photos), so it seems biologically possible.

I read that it is possible by augmenting the nose cartilage with a rib or ear cartilage graft, but I couldn't find any before-after photos, where the nostrils don't show. I found some photos where the nostril show is reduced, but still clearly visible, which isn't enough for me.

Does anyone know any websites with before-after photos for this type of rhinoplasty? I would like to see what is possible, while I save money for a consultation. I am interested in surgical and non-surgical options. Thanks in advance.


M, 25, Saint-Barthelemy