Considering an Otoplasty. Can Others Offer Their Thoughts?

For my entire life I have hated the way my ears stick out. When I was a kid, people would joke around that I looked like dumbo (real confidence booster in HS). After getting through the tough school years, I am finally at a point in my life where I am ready to have an otoplasty. Does anyone have experience getting this procedure? Any tips you can offer would be appreciated! 


This is what my ears look like for reference: 


Considering an Otoplasty Can Others Offer Their Thoughts , submitted image.


M, 31, New York

I had one many years ago. I had to have the procedure done a second time after the first otoplasty did not work. It's not a very invasive procedure so it's not too bad but I keep in mind there's a high recurrence rate with an otoplasty.