How visible is the panniculectomy scar?

Tags: woman age 35-44 scar fade

The scar is going to be humongous, from what I've seen. This wouldn't be a problem if it started fading with time. How much can it fade though? Will it still be very visible in, let's say, 5 years?


F, 42, Nevada

I'm going to be completely honest, the scars that remain from a panniculectomy surgery are not small. My horizontal incision is easily hidden because it's below the bikini line. The vertical incision, not so much. I didn't really mind having any of these scars. I'm really not hiding any part of the fact that I was once obese and needed to have the excess skin removed after weight loss. I can say the scar tissue has faded over time. I also used cream to help diminish the look of the scars. I can say that it's been three months since my surgery and my scars look much better. If the scars really bother you, you may want to consider a scar revision treatment.