Is there an extended panniculectomy?

Tags: woman age 35-44

I know about extended tummy tucks but I'm not sure there is an extended panniculectomy. Can someone shed some light on this matter, please?


F, 40, New York

I asked my doctor about an extended panniculectomy. A panniculectomy does not tighten muscles to correct the separation of muscles. So, I decided to have my doctor combine a tummy tuck procedure with my panniculectomy. I also had my belly button reconstructed. Doing this would not only get rid of my excess skin, I would be able to get the body contour that I desired. There is a caveat with having this type of extended procedure. I knew that having this type of plastic surgery would increase the chances of experiencing some type of risk or complication. Luckily, I had a plastic surgeon that had years of experience performing tummy tucks and panniculectomies.