What are the panniculectomy procedure steps?

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What are the steps I should be taking before panniculectomy surgery? I probably need to take some medical tests. Does anyone know which ones?


F, 40, New York

First off, it's great that you're doing the necessary research to know how your procedure will play out before actually undergoing it. In order to prepare for a surgery as extensive as a panniculectomy, your plastic surgeon or doctor may ask you to do the following:

  • Get lab testing or undergo a medical evaluation.
  • Take specific medications or adjust your current set of medications.
  • As smoking may interfere with the success of your surgery, you may be asked to stop smoking.
  • Don't take aspirin or any other anti-inflammatory drugs (even herbal supplements should be avoided) because they can increase your chances of bleeding, and that's not something you want to risk with such a serious surgery.

Just to make sure you're well versed in possible consequences, it's possible to suffer from bleeding, infections, and the most severe side effect, blood clots post surgery.